About Laia

Laia Goldsmith is a professional medium, a psychic, and a spiritualism minister, teacher and lecturer. Over the last 20 years or so, Laia has helped countless people with her own unique psychic and mediumship gifts. She specializes in mediumship, forming connections and communicating with spirit guides, angels, and the spirits of people who have died.

Laia began showing signs of connections with spirits when she was just 4 years old. Her mother and grandmother also had mediumship and psychic gifts, making Laia a third-generation medium and psychic. Laia’s mother is also a medium and a spiritualism minister, so Laia grew up in a spiritualist home. She also has a deep connection with law enforcement, as her father was a career police officer.

Laia began publicly using her gifts and talents as a professional medium and psychic more than 20 years ago. She started her career by consulting with clients at charitable psychic fairs and other events. As her confidence and accuracy grew, she completed advanced-level spiritual classes, gave lectures, hosted workshops and delivered psychic readings in group formats.

Being a medium and a psychic involves more than just the giftings. It also involves talent, which can constantly be refined, improved and enlightened. Laia now uses her medium and psychic talents professionally on a full-time basis by offering private readings, group workshops, mediumship courses, corporate events and educational classes.

Laia brings comfort to hurting people, hope to despairing people, closure to grieving people and guidance to lost people. She finds great reward in her work and is honored, grateful, and humbled to be able to serve in this way. Her clients are the reason she chooses to work in the way she does.

Are Laia’s Services For You?

Laia’s goal for her clients is that they would have the best experience possible with a medium or a psychic. Therefore, her top recommendation for a potential client is to have a trial session with a  professional whom they feel drawn to. Referrals, wait time and pricing are all factors, but the most important factor in the decision should be the client’s own intuition.

Every medium and psychic has a unique way of working, and it can be difficult to compare one’s approach with another’s. Here’s an outline to give you a sense of how Laia approaches her work, and what you could expect from a reading with her.

Longer Sessions

Laia offers private readings of one to one and one-half hours long, and she does not offer partial sessions. You may notice that this is longer than readings offered by others. When she meets with a client, Laia typically connects with multiple sources related to that client and attempts to communicate with each one of them. This takes time.

Laia’s advanced education in spiritualism often leads her to deeper question-and-answer sessions with her clients. According to her feedback from clients, Laia is set apart in this way compared to others in her field. They appreciate the quality of the services she offers.

Communicating with Spirits

Laia opens her sessions with prayers. She then uses the client’s energy to connect and communicate with spirit guides, angels, and loved ones who have died. These connections allow Laia to share information with you not only about your past, but also about your future.

Laia is a medium gifted with several clair gifts; she can see, feel and hear spirits, which means she is clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. This is a rare combination of gifts, which allows Laia to communicate with spirits in a way that allows the client to ask questions and to gain clarity with the help of the spirits through her.

When Laia achieves a connection in a reading with someone who has died, she rarely uses peoples’ names. She may feel changes in her physical self related to conditions the spirit experienced while in the physical realm. These feelings, paired with a client’s knowledge, can help draw a spirit forward, so it’s important to have a thorough knowledge of your family history.

Please note that Laia will only draw spirits as close as clients feel comfortable having them. Communication with spirits can be very emotional for a client. Be wary of any medium who offers you a guarantee that they can summon forth a specific spirit. No medium can force this to happen.

Check out Laia’s blog and home page to read more about how she works, and to learn more about the tools you can use and the experiences you can have to better understand the spiritual realm.