Infidelity Happens, but Why?


We know infidelity happens but why do people cheat on those that they love? A relationship should be based on trust and respect and when someone cheats, it can take a good relationship and turn it into something else.

Cheating happens when someone is physically intimate, but it can also be an emotional bond. Cheating isn’t always something that is clear and sometimes you can cheat just by texting someone, depending on the feelings involved.

  • Physical Cheating

This kind of cheating means that you are holding each other, kissing, having sex or being intimate.

  • Emotional Cheating

Emotional cheating happens when you have a romantic connection with someone that isn’t your partner and this can include talking, confiding in that person, and talking. This doesn’t have to be sexual.

  • Cheating

Emotional and physical cheating are both harmful to relationships and if this is happening, it can ruin your relationship that you are in.

Understanding Cheating

All couples need to define what cheating means to them. When you commit to someone, you have to make sure that you aren’t going to end up cheating on them. If you are keeping secrets from your partner or you are not being honest about what you are doing, this is a betrayal and can break their trust that they have for you. This should not happen in a loving relationship.

Why Do People Cheat?

Cheating happens in more than 50% of relationships form both men and women. Around 30-40% of people have had an emotional fair with someone other than their partner. Having an affair will not allow the relationship to end in a good way. It can go on for longer than you expect but eventually you will be caught.

People that are caught cheating often end their relationships. This can cause anger and hurt, and it can end in divorce or other problems. Most of the time, people that cheat still love their partners.

Cheating doesn’t mean that you don’t love your partner, it just means that you are in a relationship that you aren’t finding fulfilling.

Here are some other reasons why some people cheat:

  • Loving Sex

There are some people that have a strong sex drive. This might mean that they aren’t getting their needs met in their relationship and so they seek out sex in other situations. This can be someone that has a sexual addiction or a problem that they aren’t dealing with.

Cheating is not a good solution for this problem. The best thing that a person can do is to talk to their partner about what they need and what they want.

  • No Intimacy

Intimacy doesn’t just mean having sex. This can be more than touching. If people stop being intimate in a physical or emotional way, it can cause one or both partners to feel lonely and so they will look for intimacy somewhere else.

  • Feeling Neglected

Some will cheat because they feel that they are being neglected. This can be having a partner that spends too much time at work or someone that is preoccupied with a problem in their life, and they need more attention.

  • Problems Committing

Commitment issues are sometimes a problem in relationships, and this can end up in one partner cheating. Even if they have deep love for their partner, this is something that can be a threat to the relationship and needs to be discussed.

  • Self-Esteem Issues

Having low self esteem is one big reason why people cheat. They do this because it makes them feel better about themselves and it allows them to feel happy, even if just for a moment.

  • Finding Themselves

Some people believe that they can only find themselves if they cheat and have multiple partners. They go out and find things in other people that they aren’t able to find in their partner and this can end up being a big problem.

  • Seeking Fun

If a guy loves you, he shouldn’t cheat, right? Some people are frustrated in their relationships and so they decide to cheat. They might also cheat if they feel resentment towards their partner for something that they did. Toxic behavior isn’t good no matter why it is happening.

Can You Love Someone and Cheat?

People wonder if their partner can love them and still cheat but the truth is that this comes down to what someone believes. Some people think that they are able to love multiple people at one time.

Can Women Cheat and Still Love Their Partners?

Men and women can cheat and still love their partners. Most people that have affairs are still in love with their partners and they will cheat on their partners because of things that they feel or because of what they are thinking about the relationship.

Is Cheating a Pattern?

There are many people that believe that once someone cheats that they will always cheat but the truth is that some people will cheat and then they will feel so bad about it that they don’t do it again.

It is more likely though that a cheater will cheat again and again and a person that cheats is three times more likely to cheat than someone who hasn’t. If you know your partner and they say they won’t cheat again, and you believe them then you can choose to give them another chance if you want.

Loving Someone That Cheats

Cheating can ruin a relationship, but it doesn’t have to mean that the relationship is over. This can be up to you and what you are feeling. If you have a partner that shows you love and they are really sorry for what they did, you can move forward in the relationship and you can work together to fix things. Here are some things you need to consider before staying in the relationship:

  • Process the cheating.
  • Give yourself time.
  • Be honest.
  • Your partner has to be honest.
  • Find out if they are really sorry.
  • Rebuild trust.
  • Get therapy.
  • Don’t tell the whole world.

Can you still love someone that has cheated on you? If you choose to overlook the cheating and move on in the relationship, you have to love them as much as you loved them from the beginning. You need to make sure that you are doing what makes you happy rather that is to stay in the relationship or to move on.

Final Thoughts

Why do people cheat if they love you? Some people will cheat just because they want to but there are other reasons that some people cheat. Even if you love someone, you may cheat on them for different reasons.

Cheating doesn’t mean that the person is a bad person, but it does mean that they likely aren’t able to commit or that they are insecure or confused in what they want. If the relationship is going to work after cheating, there has to be guilt and remorse. If this isn’t there, then there is probably no real way of working the relationship out.

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