Using Candle Gazing for Trataka

Trataka Meditation

Meditation is a way that you can focus inward and where you can learn to get rid of things in your life that cause you stress and anxiety. Most meditation happens with your eyes closed but there is a form of meditation called Trataka that you focus on a small object or on the flame of a candle so that you can focus better.

Candle gazing meditation is part of this kind of meditation, and it helps to make your energies stronger. It can help to open up your third eye, improve your memory and help you to learn to concentrate.

Using Trataka Meditation

There are many benefits to this kind of meditation, and it is considered a type of hatha yoga. This helps people to advance on their spiritual journey by channeling their thoughts and finding peace. Any energy that is negative or not needed can be channeled so that it can help to increase calmness.

Trataka meditation can help you to be more aware, to have more focus, better memory and to be in a place where you can help to keep your mind from wandering.

Instead of closing your eyes for this kind of meditation, you will concentrate on something physical such as the flame of a candle or an object. This should be an object that you can look at for long periods of time. Some people are more successful when they choose a candle to gaze at.

When you choose a candle, gaze at the flame, and allow your mind to focus only on the candle. This can help you to be more aware. If thoughts come to your mind, don’t let them distract you and push them out until they disappear.

Doing Candle Gazing

You can find a quiet room that is dark that you won’t have disruptions. You can use a dim lit room but not too light so that you can see the flame clearly. Make sure that you don’t take your phone with you in the room.

Find a place to put your candle that is safe where nothing will catch on fire around it. Keep it to a place where it is eye level. Light the candle.

Wear clothes that are comfortable and make sure that the room is comfortable and not too hot or too cold. You can even get a blanket if you are too cold so that you can be comfortable.

Sit in the floor, on a chair or on a cushion but once again, make sure the candle is at eye level. Make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable manner. Try to be still while you are mediating.

Stare at the candle and let your mind focus only on the flame. Keep your eyes steady and if you get distracted, try to regain your focus. If your eyes start to water, keep looking at the flame until this sensation goes away.

Focus on your breathing as you look at the candle and think of the light going inside of you as you breathe in. As time goes, you will see that you are only able to pay attention to the flame. This takes time and practice.

Once you finish meditating, close your eyes, and lay down. Stay in this position for a few minutes while your body comes back into awareness.

Choosing the Right Candle

You can use any candle to meditate with but there are certain colors that you can choose that have other healing or helpful properties. Depending on what you need, you can choose a color while you meditate that can help you.

Find a candle that has no toxic chemicals such as a beeswax or a soy candle. Here are some of the colors and what they mean:

  • White: Clarity, innocence, completion.
  • Gold: Wealth, spirituality, abundance.
  • Violet: Reverence, commitment.
  • Inigo: Wisdom, thought, clarity.
  • Blue: Creativity, expression, communication.
  • Turquoise: Protection and healing.
  • Green: Compassion, love, freedom, healing.
  • Yellow: Self-esteem, power, and respect.
  • Orange: Friendship, happiness, and optimism.
  • Red: Courage, strength, bonding.
  • Pink: Loyalty and empathy.

You can also find candles that are aromatherapy candles that you can also use for meditation or for gazing meditation.

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