Bellaire House

Bellaire House

The mysterious of the Bellaire House stands out because it has much paranormal behaviors that happen. Here are some of the reasons that this house is so powerful in the spiritual world:

  • The Shawnee and Iroquois inhabit a Native American burial spot that is located in the back of the house.
  • There are religious ceremonies that caused energy to linger.
  • Mines under the property have minerals and coal.
  • Geographical lines are there giving electrical charge to the area that help make spiritual activity stronger.

This house is known as a legend and the family is named Heatherington and were there in 1830. Here are the people in that family:

  • The father, John Senior.
  • The mother, Rebecca.
  • John Jr. 
  • William.
  • Jacob.
  • Ralph.
  • Edward.
  • Mary Ann.

There was not education that was able to be used in that day and so only some of the people were able to go to college. This is why there were wealth differences, and the traditions were that some went to college, and some didn’t. This is part of the Heatherington situation when they arrived:

  • They couldn’t read.
  • The boys worked in the mines while the women stayed home.
  • They were talented in music.

Jacob worked for John Fink who was a captain of a river boat and started at the age of 18. He worked and owned a mine that was found under the Bellaire House. As time went on, they developed a relationship with business. When they became family, Jacob married Eliza Armstrong who was Fink’s cousin and stayed married to her until she died.

Here are some things that happened during their marriage:

  • They started out struggling but then became successful.
  • They had more than 12 children.
  • They learned to read.
  • Lost homes to flooding.

One of the first things that happened between Jacob and Fink was that he purchased the land of the Bellaire House. He did this on credit and at the beginning of their marriage, Eliza and Jacob would work in the mine together under the house. Jacob would carry coal to the surface and then Eliza would take it to the river in a wheel barrow. As time went on, Jacob got a mule and asked Jack to come work with him and take the coal and they became close friends.

This is why they say, “The House that Jack Built,” because of their relationship. After this happened, Jack was given a special tour of the area and went room to room. When Jack died, he was buried on the home’s property and even after the home was torn down, his grave was left undisturbed. There is an image of him on the cornerstone of the Bellaire Public Library.

Jacob gave his inheritance to his children, and this included:

  • 677 acres of land.
  • 110 acres of woods.
  • 30 homes.

Eliza Lyde, his granddaughter took over the business and stayed at the home with her brother Edwin until she died. After she died the home ownership was messed up and her brother was pushed out but then he got to go back until he died.

While he lived there, mediums around the world would come and would talk to the dead sister. Edwin’s death happened and then John Alexander Dubois took over the property of the home until it sold in 1986.

Kristen Lee purchased the home and thought she would live there forever but the home flooded and left them homeless. She had to move on and lives somewhere else now. The Bellaire House is considered an Airbnb that is haunted.

Those that have went to the home found that:

  • Kristen Lee had nice eyes.
  • Seemed like a vampire.
  • Was a fighter.
  • Curious about who came to the home.

Kristen wrote a book while she lived at the Bellaire House called, “1699 Belmont Street: A Portal to Hell.”  She wrote about experiences such as:

  • Being woken up by someone sitting on the couch with her.
  • Her dog would always bark or refuse to go to certain rooms.
  • Believed there was a ghost.

In some of the rooms, it is said that there are dark shadows that crawl around near the bed and that large animals appear. Some believe that they have heard voices that talk about scaring them and would see heads come in and out of the fireplace.

In the dining room some believed to hear children crying and other paranormal activates all throughout the home.

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