Making Him Fall for You Fast

Making Him Fall for You Fast

If you are someone that is good at reading signals, chances are you are able to know what someone is thinking or feeling based on their body language and their facial expressions. People are really good at being able to know things about people without having any real information.

Most of the time you can know things about a person right when you meet them because of the signals that they leave. If you are a good person reader, you might not be a bit surprised that men and women will see different kinds of signals when they communicate with someone that they like.

The signals that men and women give to their potential partners can decide if the relationship is going to go further or if it is going to stay where it is.

Women’s Body Language

Women often want to make a man fall in love with them but there are secrets with the way that a woman handles herself that can make this happen or not. When a woman uses non-verbal language, it can be used to make a man attracted to her.

If you have been attracted attention from guys but you aren’t able to get deep with them emotionally, you might be confusing them and not realizing it. If you send out the wrong signal to them, this is what could happen:

  • You can get attention from the guys that are wrong for you.
  • There will be an initial attraction, but it will fade.
  • The attraction and passion can leave the relationship.

With the right signal though, this can happen:

  • Strong passion.
  • A guy comes that feels protective over you.
  • Falling in love.
  • Them letting you in emotionally.

These are two totally different situations that can change depending on the signals that you give.

Giving Out Signals

Men are able to pick up on signals and you are always giving one out, rather you are a woman or a man. A man can read your non-verbal cues to find out how you compare him to other men.

He can read your body language to see where he stands with you or if you respect him or just want to play games. He can also know if he is being valued or not.

Men and Signals

Men are able to read signals and they know when they are being compared to other men. They are sensitive to this because men want to know what they make you feel when they are around you. This is one signal that gets his emotions working.

In relationships, you will have people that tell you only what you want to hear. In romantic relationships though, you have signals that are more than just words.

A Committed Man

When you have a man that tells you how pretty that you are but can’t stop looking at women, this is way different than a man that only complements you sometimes, but he only is able to keep his eyes on you.

No one wants to be with someone that just settles in a relationship, but everyone wants to have ultimate love and desire. Men are the same in this. The things that make a man feel desired though are different than what makes a woman feel desired.

Men will often be confused between love and respect. Men want to have a partner that loves them, but he wants to be respected and held at a high standard compared to other men. Otherwise, this man will feel like you are his mother and not his lover.

Women and Mixed Signals

Some women will send out mixed signals when they are interested in a guy and sometimes this is an accident. Since relationships have changed over time, it can be hard for women to understand what men want.

Cultures have set different rules and expectations when it comes to dating and these can include the men and women connecting with each other differently. The thing is though, these expectations were from before and now everyone seems to be on their own path when it comes to feelings.

People can get lost when it comes to dating and communicating and this can cause there to be confusing. A man doesn’t want you to feel like you have settled for him or that you are just accepting him, he wants to be wanted and he wants to feel like you chose him over everyone else.

If you don’t learn to raise a guy up, his ego will not be able to handle it and he will have no passion when it comes to the relationship. He wants to be with a woman that looks at him like he is the best man that ever existed.

Feeling Love

Women don’t communicate the same as men and every man can be different. A woman wants to tell her true feelings, but men have a hard time talking about things like this. When you want to get a man’s attention, you have to raise their self-esteem.

By doing this, you will make him want to invest into the relationship and want to be with you. Some women like to buy or get gifts and we often will do what makes us feel loved to make our partner feel loved. Even though you are making him feel special, you are possibly speaking a different love language than he has.

Final Thoughts

The best thing that you can do to get the man of your dreams is to make sure that you are making him number one in your life. Build up his self-esteem and let him know how special and important he is and how much you care and respect him.

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