Having a Best Friend Soulmate

Friend Soulmate

A soulmate is someone that you meet, and they are in your life for a purpose. Many people believe that a soulmate is someone that can be your best friend and this is because sometimes a soulmate isn’t there for romantic purposes.

Best Friends Soulmate

You can have a soulmate that is your best friend and isn’t a partner or a lover. A platonic soulmate is someone that becomes your best friend and they stay that way probably for most of your life.

These are people that come int your life and they bring you support, and they love you. They are there when no one else is there and they will love you no matter who you are.

This is the person that won’t judge you or put you down, but it is someone that will help you to make better decisions. Soulmates that are platonic are ones that know each other on a deeper level. They know that you won’t be perfect, and they don’t expect you to be.

Soulmate and Best Friend

There are some differences that some believe can exist between a best friend and a soulmate including:

  • Running Away

A soulmate is someone that you can’t get away from no matter how hard you try. You can get mad at your best friend and walk away but when they are your soulmate then even through the pain you have to stay together.

  • Divine Connection

Your soulmates come for a purpose, and they are a divine connection for you. They are there to teach you lessons and to show you how to better yourself and reach your higher purpose.

A best friend is one that will know that you have flaws and will love you no matter what and they will stay there to encourage you and to love you.

  • You Know Them

You will right away know your soulmate because you will recognize them from the very start. They are someone that you will have an instant connection with. You will meet them, and you will know them from your past and you will feel that you have known them forever. These relationships can happen on different planes.

Sometimes soulmates are thought to exist in different dimensions like having a parallel universe.

  • They Know You

A soulmate knows you and they know you better than you know yourself. They will be able to read your emotions and your thoughts and will feel whatever you feel. They will know when you are sad and will know your strengths and weaknesses.

They know your favorite things like your favorite music to listen to and your favorite foods to eat. They will be able to know things about you even when things change.

Having a best friend means that they will know things about you based on how long they have known you. They will want to know all about you because they care about you.

  • Life Lesson

A soulmate is one that is different than a best friend because they are there to teach you a life lesson. This can be something that is hard that you need to learn because you keep going through the same things over and over again.

The soulmate will teach you to deal with your issues and to work through problems in your life. They will show you who they are, and they will show up when you need them the most, or when you don’t need them at all.

Having a soulmate means that you will have a strange kind of love because they are teaching you something that you need to know.

Are Soulmates and Best Friends A Like?

There are some reasons a soulmate and a best friend can be similar:

  • They Make You Feel Good

You will feel good with both a soulmate and a best friend. They don’t make you have to worry, and they won’t judge you. They will always make you feel comfortable.

  • They Are There for You

Both of these will be there for you when you need them. They will listen to you and support you and they will help you to work through your problems. They understand you and they will be there when you are feeling bad.

  • They Make You Feel Better

A soulmate will make you feel better about yourself. They will be there like a best friend to encourage you to live your best life and to do better. They won’t be selfish, but they will be there to give their heart to you.

  • They Listen

Soulmates and best friends will be there to listen and support you. No matter what you are doing, they are there to help you and to listen.

  • They Make You Smile

Soulmates and best friends will make you feel good about yourself and will make you smile. They are there when you need them, and they make you happy. They love you even if you aren’t living your best life.

Signs of Having a Best Friend Soulmate

Having a best friend or soulmate means that you aren’t romantic with them. They are your best friend, and they are worth having in your life.

  • Teaching You

These kinds of soulmates teach you to live your best life and they know when you need their help. They will help you when you need them, and they want to have fun with you.

When you argue with them, they will show you that they love you even when you fight. They will help you through problems and conflicts by conversing with you and loving you.

  • It Isn’t Forced

Some people in your life make you feel that you are forcing the friendship. With this kind of soulmate, you aren’t forcing anything, and you feel that you are able to be yourself. You will have goals and life ideas that match each other and even if you have a different idea, they will support you.

  • You Know Each Other

A soulmate like this is someone that you will know right away. No matter what happens, you will instantly know who this person is, and you will embrace them and love them. They will be a strong connection to you, and they will know right when they meet you that you are destined to be friends.

  • Distance Doesn’t Stop It

Having a best friend soulmate means that you will be best friends rather you are close or far away. Even if you don’t live close to each other they will be with you in some way or another. This can be in the form of dreams or in the form of visions.

When you are close together, the relationship will be easy, and they will make you laugh and feel good.

  • Inspiration

You and your best friend soulmate will inspire each other. This will be things that you are both interested in and there will be a special friendship right from the start. As you get to know each other better, you will have more strength and you will be a better version of who you are.

  • Deep Meaning

Your friendship will have a deep meaning. You will have a deep connection and you will never feel jealous of each other. People will love the bond that you have and even if you have differences, you will still have the strengths that you need to keep the relationship strong.

You will tell each other secrets and you will trust each other. You will have respect for each other, and you will know that they care for you.

  • You Can Read Them

You will be able to read your soulmate and they will know what you are doing. They will be able to read your emotions and your mind, and they will be able to use their intuition to guide them on the best things you can do.

Final Thoughts

Having a best friend soulmate is one that doesn’t have to be romantic. This will be a gift for you because you will find your best friend. You will find someone that will guide you and teach you and will inspire you to live your best life.

This is going to be a friendship that lasts forever and one that will lead you on a life journey no matter where you go.

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