Types of Divination

psychic tools

There are many different types of divination that people like to use. These are things that have been used throughout history and have been used by those that are psychics and those that aren’t.

Here are some of the most known tools:

This tool has been around since ancient history. It is known as cartomancy, and it is a divination that has Major and Minor arcana cards. These are used to tell about the past, present, and future and to give readings in almost any subject.

You can do your own reading, or you can talk to a psychic. This has different areas such as symbolism, psychology, numerology and more.

  • Casting Runes

Runes are another tool of divination, and they are used similar to tarot cards. The person will draw a rune out of the bag and toss it and see what the rune means. The runes have been around since past times and were tied to the Germanic culture.

This tool has ties to mythology and history and means “secret.” You can learn to cast your own runes.

  • IChing

This kind of tool is one that can be used in divination. It has been seen in different forms throughout history and it is used today. There are hexagrams that have different meanings and can answer questions about your life, and it combines the energies of the yin and yang. There are 64 hexagrams.

  • Pendulum

Pendulums are tools that can be made on their own or you can buy one in the store. You can use them to find blockages in your chakras or to answer yes or no questions. Some will use clear quartz while others will use keys, pendants or anything that is heavy.

In the past, pendulums were used to find water.

  • Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is something that was founded in the 19th century in France. It has become popular as a tool of divination in the recent years. You just need a pen and paper and as you clear your mind and start writing and drawing, different signs and symbols and words can form.

  • Psychometry

This is a way that you can read the energies of objects. This can come from things that have been touched by other people or things that are found in antique stores or other places. You can read these energies and find out where the objects have been.

  • Scrying

This came from Old English, and it is used by looking into a reflective glass or object such as a crystal ball and seeing what images and signs come.

  • Tea Leaf Readings

Tasseomancy is a way of reading the future. This has been around since ancient times and all you need is a cup of tea. You can then find out what the designs in the tea leaves mean for your life.

  • Astrology

Astrology has been around for years and years and it has been one of the most popular tools since ancient times. Astrology has different branches such as Vedic, Tropical, Draconic, Western, Traditional, and more. This is a method that uses the planets and birth charts to give readings.

Final Thoughts

There are many different tools of divination and each of them comes from a time in history when people had questions, just like they do today. Are you gifted in any of the above gifts? If so, give yourself or someone else a reading and try out your skills!

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