Understanding Your Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

You can understand your spirit guides when you connect with them and on this journey, you will find that crystals can help you with this connection. Your guides will help your spirit to be stronger and this can open up the communication that you can have with your guides.

Understanding Spirit Guides

There are different kinds of spirit guides, and they are there to help you and there to be on your team. Each guide is different depending on what you need and who you are. There are seven different kinds of guides including:

  • Archangels.
  • Ancestors.
  • Nature Spirits.
  • Spirit animals.
  • Guardian angels.
  • Ascended masters.
  • Deities.

Who Are Your Spirit Guides?

It isn’t hard to figure out who your spirit guides are if you are communicating with them and listening to your intuition. Your intuition will help you to understand your guides and who they are. You can develop your intuition by meditating and learning to trust yourself.

If you ask your guides to reveal themselves, listen to the answer. Use Amethyst when you meditate to let your guides show you who they are. The guides are there to help you with problems that you are facing.

Types of Spirit Guides

There are seven different kinds of spirit guides including:

  • Archangels

These are guides that are angels and they are leaders. They are there to help give you courage and to heal you.

  • Guardian Angels

These angels are there to guard you and have been there since you incarnated. They will lead you and guide you.

  • Ancestors

These are guides that will be there when you need them, and some will stay with you. This can be family members that have passed on.

  • Nature Spirits

These spirits are there to help you and they can be things like fairies, gnomes, or other nature spiritual beings.

  • Animal Spirits

These are your spirit guides that come in the form of animals. They can teach you something and connect with you.

  • Ascended Masters

These guides are ones that lived on earth as humans, and they lived for many lifetimes, but they enlightened.

  • Deities

These are gods and goddesses that you can call on to help you.

  • Talking to Your Guides

You can communicate with your guides just by talking to them. Some people will set up an altar and others will meditate and ask questions. There are many crystals that you can use that can help to promote communication and you can use them to connect with your guides.

  • Clear Quartz

This is a stone that can help you if you need to have more energy. It can help you to communicate better and it can help you if you need to talk to animals, plants, or other divine beings.

  • Aragonite

This stone is one that can get rid of anxiety, and it can make you feel calm. It can give you wisdom and help you to reach your spiritual self. It allows you to have visions and to be open to your guides.

  • Labradorite

This is a crystal that helps to fight negativity and it can help you to reach a higher consciousness. It can give you visions of the past, present or the future and by wearing it, you allow the magic to come to you. It can help you to have more psychic gifts such as telepathy, prophecy, clairvoyance, and intuition.

  • Amethyst

This stone is great if you nee to calm your mind. It can get rid of negative energy, and it can make your aura stronger. It allows you to be open and to follow spiritual directions. This works to open up the heart, third eye and crown chakra and increase your psychic gifts.

Getting Answers from Your Spirit Guides

Your spirit guides can answer you anyway that they want. Most of the time they will communicate by showing you signs. You will get these signs from the universe in the form of synchronicities. This can help you to understand that an event is happening that has no real explanation.

You could get a sign by seeing angel numbers that repeat over and over again. You might see these numbers for a long amount of time. This can be a sign that you’re on the right path and that you are doing the right things.

Your guides can also communicate in dreams, by books, images, through animals, or through animal dreams. You may dream of a might lion that is in control or a sloth that is showing you that you are being too lazy or slow. Listen to the signs that the guides give you so that you can be on the right path in your life.

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