Palm Reading

Palm Reading

Life is different when you become an adult and when you are younger.  You have to live life more seriously and learn to answer the questions of life.  There are books you can read and people that will read books on being a psychic.  Sometimes, you will come across people that are fake such as fake fortune tellers or fake palm readers.  You can learn things on your own, so you know how to do them and learn to be able to decipher the difference between fake and real.

Tarot card readers and palm readers can change their clients often and they can save you money and time if you can do your own palm reading.  You have to first decide which hand you are going to read.  Some palm readers choose to read their most dominate hand so if they are left-handed, they will read their left hand.  Others go with the theory that they should use their non-dominate hand because that can give them more potential.

Comparing the two palms is not easy and it might not be healthy either, but it can be full of fun.

Types of Hands

There are four different types of hands and they are divided into four elements the water, earth, air and fire element hands.

Water Hand

People with water hands have short hands that are oval like palms.  They have fingers that are very flexible, and they have wide palms.  The fingers and the palms are the same height.

Water hand people are very emotional, and they are creative.  They are sensitive in their nature; they don’t trust people and they are very overindulgent in what they want.  Most water hand people are artistic and have a lot of different ideas.

Earth Hand

A person that has an earth hand has a hand that is square shaped and wide.  The fingers are thick and so is the palm and most of the time they are rough, and the fingers are equal in length.

People with an earth hand are generally full of practicality and they learn by doing things over reading about them.  They are considered level-headed and they love to be outside and doing activities that are hands on.  They love hiking, being outside and swimming.  Even taking walks or walking on nature paths help to recharge them.

Air Hand

Someone with an air hand has a rectangular hand and the fingers are generally long and the knuckles seem to stick out.  They have fingers that are the same length as the palm and the skin is generally dry.

An air hand is someone that likes to talk to others and is very good at communicating.  They have a lot of new ideas and have a lot of worry and stress.  These people are considered emotional and smart.

Fire Hands

Someone with a fire hand has a rectangular or square shaped palm.  The fingers are shorter, and the palm is a longer length than the fingers.  They have skin that is red, and they are considered to be energetic people.

People with fire hands are always on the move and they get very bored.  They are impatient and they want to be independent.  People with fire hands are considered leaders.

Knowing the Lines

There are different lines that a palm reader will read, and they relate to four different categories of hearth, head, destiny and fate.

Destiny and fate would probably normally mean the same thing but with palm reading they are different.

The heart line shows love and romance and if it starts under the index finger then you are satisfied in your live life.

Under the middle finger shows if you are a selfish lover and if it starts at the first finger and your middle finger then it means that you fall in love easily and you are full of idealistic ideas.

Having a short heart means that you are not interested in love and if your heart touches your lifeline then your heart gets broken easily.  Having a curvy line will show that you are able to express your feelings easily.

A straight heart line shows that you are a person in life that has easy emotions and you are practical.  When the line is wavy it shows that you are a playboy and that you have many relationships with people.


The headline shows that you are intelligent and full of wisdom.

Having a short line means that you feel that physical accomplishments are more important than mental accomplishments.

Having a wavy headline shows that you do not pay attention for long and a long line means that you are focused and that you think deeply.

If you have a straight line it can show that you take things only as they are and that you are a realist.

If you have a headline that is not connected to your lifeline then it shows that you are optimistic and that you have a positive outlook in life.  It can also mean that you like adventure.

Having a circle in your headline can show that you are in some kind of emotional crisis.

Having a curvy headline shows that you are creative, and a straight line means you love structure.


A lifeline shows destiny.  Even though some people say that the length of your lifeline doesn’t show that you are going to die, it does show parts of your personality and things that could come in your life.

If you have a lifeline that is close to the thumb and is straight, it can mean that you move slowly and are lazy.  You are always tired.

A straight line shows that you are cautious and do not make relationships well.

If there is a wide and curved line it can mean that you are full of energy and that you have good health.  A semi-circle can mean that you are strong, and you have an attitude that leads.

Having a deep line that is long shows that you are shallow and that you are manipulated easily.  If there is a break in your lifeline is means you will have big changes come in your life.

Fate Line

A fate line is something not everyone has.  It can be read for the future.  If you have a fate line on you dominate hand but not one on your non-dominate hand, it can mean that you have your fate at your own hands.

If you have a short fate line or none at all, it can mean that you are needing a break and that you should focus your energies to something different.

You might feel like you are a free spirit and you might have a longer fate line that shows this.  Having a deep fate line will show that you are controlled by your destiny.

If you have a breaking fate line it can mean that you will have forces that change who you are many times but no matter what you will make it through.

A fate line that is joined with the lifeline shows that you are good at business and you are self-taught.  If your fate line starts at the base of your palm, then you will be seen in the public eye.

If your fate line on your right hand stops at the headline, then you become bored easily and you need restrictions.

You will not reach as high of a level at success as others if you don’t work independently.  If the fate line on your right hand stops at your heart line, then you let your emotions control you and you are not able to make as good as decisions as you could.

It is hard to make good career decisions if you worry about hurting others.  Be decisive and make fair decisions without letting your emotions get in the way.

Finger Length

Finger length can make a difference in your reading.

Long Fingers

Having long fingers can make your hand look creepy but people with these types of fingers are able to be interested in events.  They take ideas apart and put them back together so they can understand them and take action with them.

People with long fingers are more feminine and more nurturing than others.

Short Fingers

If you have short fingers, then you will not need as much information as others.  You will have more intuition inside of you and you will look for advice from people.  You will be action oriented and you won’t want to explain things to people.

You will have a challenge not to jump to conclusions and you have to study things without taking action first.

Open Fingers

People that have open fingers are show their hands with their fingers open and they are considered safe and secure most of the time.

Most people consider them free-spirited and they are kind to others and don’t let rules contain them.

They don’t like to have other opinions and they want people to live their own life based on who they are and their own feelings.

Closed Fingers

People that hold their fingers tight together feel unsafe and are not open to new ideas.  They are resistant and do not like change.

Someone with stiff fingers do not want to be bothered or helped.


This is all that you need to know in order to read palms.  Even if you don’t have a gift of psychic reading, you can learn about your own palms and destiny by following this guide.

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