6 Ways You Can Tell if You are Highly Intuitive

Highly Intuitive

You have more than just the five core senses.  Your sixth sense, extrasensory perception or intuition is a spiritual sense that allows you to receive process stimuli from a higher plane of existence.  Consider how when you enter a new location, you suddenly feel a sense of joy and you instantly know it was the site of a former festive wedding.

Below we have listed a few ways you know you have a powerful sixth sense:

  1. You easily “read” people

People with strong sixth sense have a finely tuned empathy that they can understand even a stranger’s mindset without seeing their facial or body language.  Unfortunately, the risk of this empathy is becoming easily fatigued by people emitting negative energy.  If you aren’t able to safeguard yourself, you may absorb their anger, frustrations, sadness and anxiety!

  1. You don’t need physical input to “see” or sense things

If you lose your phone, you could have an uncanny sense of where to find it, and it typically turns out correct.  Perhaps you are driving on a road and get an urge to take the next turn, to later find out you just avoid being stuck in accident-related traffic.

  1. Being an empath

Empaths are those who are acutely aware of their feelings and gut instincts as well as those of others.  Simply upon entering a room, an empath will read the energy of those inside and know who is joyous and who is anxious.  They know when someone is being deceptive, whether its lying or withhold their true feelings, as they are skilled at reading between the lines.  This is true, regardless of being in person, on the phone, or texting/emailing. Although empaths are deeply caring individuals, but absorbing so many external energies can leave them feeling easily overwhelmed.

  1. Instantly pinpoints danger or discomfort

Your powerful gut instinct tells you when something is off.  It might be perceived as a knot in your stomach, or an uneasy sense.  If you say yes to something that you truly would rather say no to, you feel it instantly within your core.  You have the ability to sense when a loved one is hurting, even if they are physically distant from you.  Perhaps you have been out of touch with a person for years, but suddenly they pop into your mind and soon you run into them on the streets.  All these gifts signal an intense intuition that beyond one’s logical mind.

  1. You can predict how things will turn out

Your hunches about things go far beyond logical guesses.  You can tell how something will play out, who will win an event, or if a venture may fail.  You may often feel a sense of dread or have an urge to speed things up.  You might easily feel restless or nervous when people around you are anxious or sad.

  1. Having a unique connection to nature

All life is special and honored by you.  People with strong intuitive thrive in watching the waves or having flowers around the home.  Animals might easily gravitate towards you since you have a powerful ability to comfort and commune with them.  During times of strife, you find solace in nature and feel the greatest sense of peace or community when surrounded by trees, water, or the mountains.

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