How to Protect Your Spiritual Being

How to Protect Your Spiritual Being

It is important that people stay grounded and protected and that they keep their spiritual being strong. Doing this can bring security and peace into your life.

Spiritual Protection

You can call on your guides or your angels to help you to be protected in your spiritual being. The universe can use its protection to guide you and shield you from harm.

Why Do People Need Spiritual Protection?

There are so many things that can come against people in our world. These can be energies that are physical and non-physical. There are things that can attack you and cause you to feel negative in your life and even in your aura.

When the negativity fills your life, it can leave you feeling angry, tired, and hurt. You have to learn to block these energies and make sure that negativity is not filling your life.


The aura is around you and it is made up of energies. The energies are around you like a shield, and they are there to protect you.

The problem is that everything that comes both positive and negative stick to your aura. Everyone, including animals, have auras and even non-living things have energy around them.

The aura will change colors depending on your health in your mind, body and soul and it can change your mood or cause you to feel differently. The aura can be different sizes as well.

If you feel good, happy, at peace and you feel love, your aura will be big and bright but if you feel depressed, angry, or sick, it can be small and faded or it can be black or brown in color instead of a vibrant color like blue or yellow.

People that are often stressed or going through trauma will have auras that are dull and small. This can mean that they experience things such as pain or addictions. When the aura is small, it cannot protect you from negative energy that is all around you.

How to Keep Safe

The first thing that you can do is to ask your spirit guides to help you and to protect you from negativity. Some people will use this as praying, meditating or whatever you want to call it.

Ask your angels to protect you and keep you safe from fear. There are things you can ask the universe to do to help you and to keep you safe. Ask your guides to give you light and let the light guide you.

Say a mantra or a chant that makes you feel positive.

Energy Shield

Another thing that you can do is imagine an energy shield protecting you. This is easy to do and if there is negative energy around you, the shield can protect you from that. Ask your guides to put an energy shield of light around you.

Hold on to this and make sure that your intention is strong. Say exactly what you want and od not think of anything but the shield going around you. This can protect you, but it is something that you need to do more than once because it can wear off.

When you are in places of peace, your shield will be stronger but when negativity is in your area, you will need to get your shield stronger.

Some people can feel the energy around them, and this can be in the form or a warmth or a chill. Even if you don’t feel your shield, know that it is there.

You can ask your guide to send you different colors of shields and you can ask your guide to send you different colors. Do not ask for too much energy or it can overwhelm you.

White Light

This light can keep you safe from attacks and protects you from harm and crime.

Gold Light

Gold is the color that has a high vibrations and can only be given by the angels. This is a color that you have to have with the highest good.

Green Light

This light can bring you healing and help you if you are sick.

Lead Shield

This kind of shield can keep you safe from toxic energy or toxic relationships. If you are in a place that is toxic, you need to use this light to shield you.

Mirror Shield

If you feel that your life is vulnerable, then you need to use the mirror light. This can help you to get rid of dark energies.


One way that you can protect yourself is to have different objects around you such as crystals, amulets, icons, and other things that make you feel safe and protected. These things can be blessed by religious leaders if you can get them.

Crystals are things that have high vibrations, and they have their own energies. These things can protect people and animals and can keep their aura stronger.

Protective Crystals

Here are some crystals that can keep you safe:

  • Black tourmaline is great to protect you from negative energies.
  • Hematite will keep you safe and open up your energy. It will help you to clear your mind.
  • Tiger’s eye is a perfect stone if you need to make strong business transactions.
  • Black Obsidian will keep you safe and will protect you from confusion.
  • Citrine will cleanse you and bring you positive energies.
  • Blue Kyanite can help to get rid of negative energy and help you to increase your psychic giftings. It can help you to remember your dreams.
  • Smokey Quartz is one that will heal the chakras.
  • Selenite will help your guides to hear you and will help you to see into your past and future.

These are different crystals that can cleanse you and keep you strong in your energies.


You need to make sure that you are grounded. Doing this can help you to stay safe. If you are ungrounded, you might feel unmotivated, clumsy, dizzy or you might feel that you are staying in daydreams too much. Here are some ways you can ground yourself:

  • Stay relaxed.
  • Be calm.
  • Deep breathe.
  • Imagine a root coming down from your head to your feet and into the earth.
  • Imagine the roots going throughout your body.
  • Take as much time as you need to make this happen.
  • Deep breath and center your mind.

You can do this as much as you need to. There is no limit to the amount of times that you do this. This can help you to stay grounded.

Once you have done all of these things, notice how protected you will feel. You will see that your life is better and that you are stronger. Make these things part of your daily routine to always stay safe, protected, and happy.

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