Excellent Signs from the Universe

Excellent Signs from the Universe

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by life and choosing a proper direction, but the good news is the universe offers signs if you know where to look. We have all been to the point of wanting something so badly, but wondering if it is really right for our lives. We may spend nights lying awake wondering if it will happen, often getting hit and miss occurrences that leave us confused and still questioning. So, how do we know if we are after the right thing or see if the universe is pushing us forward or pulling us back? Below are five signs that are a big thumbs up from the universe that you are headed to the right place.

Everything Falling Apart

Though this seems contradictory, one of the most certain ways to tell the universe is supportive is that other things fall apart except the thing we want the most. So, when things fall apart all around you, it is the universe cutting the dead wood from your life to make room for what is to come.


Just as things are totally falling apart, suddenly things will also fall into our laps. This could be people, situations, or opportunities that seem made just for us in that moment. It could be that after a job loss, a colleague connects you with your dream company or a relationship ends, but the perfect blind date is the one you were meant to be with forever. Things and events align as a sign the universe is giving you a boost.


There may be challenges and uncomfortable moments, but you will also feel a growing happiness in life. You will likely be excited to get each day started and look forward to what will happen. You will find bliss in the journey over the outcome.

You Understand the Testing

A big part of becoming aware of signs that are provided by the universe is an increased intuition that will allow you to see challenges as signs of being tested, not things falling apart. When we are headed toward something we truly want, the universe will challenge us and push back a bit. This is the way we are prepared and keep our resolve at its highest. This also gives us a moment of quiet before the pace goes into overdrive. Tests are simply personal breakthroughs and signs of the universe in your corner urging you on.


The faith you have will not just be in the universe but in yourself during this time. You will not be happy just waiting, sitting around for something special. You are willing to get to work and the universe will match the effort we put forth. This may cause your social calendar to fill up and for you to be the best version of yourself possible.

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