Going Through Your Spiritual Awakening

Going Through Your Spiritual Awakening

There are always going to be different ideas and different interpretations on what a spiritual awakening is and most of them seem to not feel very good.

If you want to have a spiritual awakening, keep reading.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening means that you want to reach the desires of yourself and make a bond with the universe and your soul.

This means that you will want to have many spiritual awakenings in your life and that it is not something that just happens once. The point of an awakening is that your soul is always evolving and that you are always becoming better.

When someone has gone through a spiritual awakening, they will have a desire to be different so that they can align with the perspective of the universe and have a new reality. They will have to go through pain to reach this, but it will be worth it.

Spiritual awakenings are always happening and the more you experience them the more you desire to have one. The truth is that you are always conditioning yourself for an awakening and you are giving your life for it.

Does it Have to Hurt?

A spiritual awakening does not have to hurt and the main reasons it is painful is because you will have to go through different events that can cause you to feel out of control.

Here are some steps that you can go through as you go through your awakening:

  • Have different things happen to you.
  • Look for answers.
  • Have desires that line up with the universe.
  • Keep aligning your desires.
  • Appreciate changes.

The different things that you go through can be painful because they can be negative but each step that you go through will help you to move forward and help you to feel better. Everything that you do will be different and this can be quick and can sometimes avoid painful times.

Chances are though, you will experience pain and anxiety over your awakening but this is because there is deep healing that has to take place and sometimes this can mean that you have to understand darkness that was inside of you.

Once you reach your new state though, you will have peace and the dark period will barely be remembered. The darkness is there because you are disconnected but when you become connected, this will all change.

Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

No matter what kind of awakening you have, there are some signs that most people will see when they go through these stages. This will open your mind to new points of view and make you feel stronger:

  • Reaching for reality.
  • Changing the separation and becoming more self-aware.
  • Knowing that spiritual awareness is beyond what you feel in your body.
  • Have joy and peace.
  • Trust yourself and the universe.
  • You become aware of your nature.
  • You see your own power in your creation.
  • You are able to connect with your physical body.
  • You learn to forgive and love yourself and other people.
  • Realize there is no right or wrong way to become awakened.
  • You embrace the great mysteries of life.
  • Get rid of things that do not help you.
  • See yourself and others in a new perspective.
  • Have more compassion.
  • See miracles take place in your mind, body, soul, and relationships.
  • Have synchronicities.
  • Strong feelings of love and appreciation.

Why Have an Awakening?

You will have an awakening when your inner being wants to unite with your soul and the universe. This does not always feel good, but it can happen at different times and be the best thing you ever went through.

Each step will be a different moment and when you become aligned with your mind, body and soul, you will see that it is very natural and that you are meant to be aligned with the source and when you aren’t you never feel whole or at peace.

Achieving a Spiritual Awakening

The experiences that you will have with a spiritual awakening will be easier once you understand how it works.

You will see that your habits and your thoughts change and that you will want to be aligned because you will find joy in it.

Here are some things you can understand through your awakening:


What kind of desires do you have? Do you want to have better relationships, or do you want to have abundance? The opposite of what you experience in the present will change your future when you go through an awakening. This will give you inner peace.

You will feel good with yourself and you will learn to trust your own feelings.


You have to understand what your reality is and that you are part of the universe. Your inner being wants to have health and love and when you are anxious or stressed, this means something is changing.

Something big has to happen so you can become better. The energy in your life can be created and changed based on what you do and how you live.

You might find that you are tired of your old job or your relationship and this can be because you are going through an awakening and you need to see change. This can help you to be more awake in your spirituality and you have to learn to trust yourself.

Remind yourself that you desire these things and that they are meant to become your reality.

Aligning Your Desires

If you want your energy to be stronger, you have to align your desires with what you are doing. Increase your vibrational frequency so you can call positive things into your life.

Things do not come easy when they are good but allow your life to turn around. Look at the light and even if you are scared, learn to face it, and believe it.


Keep the flow going in your life and stop focusing on negative things. Stop thinking you are a victim and learn to be excited and in love.

Here is what staying in the flow looks like:

  • You don’t complain as much.
  • You appreciate little things.
  • You stay in the moment.
  • Be responsible for things in your life.
  • Have self-love and compassion.
  • Keep your energy clean and clear.
  • Create a routine of self-care.
  • See yourself as good.
  • Find ways to get rid of fear.
  • Get rid of doubt.
  • You want to spend time alone on purpose.
  • You know you are powerful.

It is okay to be childlike and excited over your new experiences in life. No one can take these things away form you and when you live in the present and you find love and compassion, you will understand that you are more than you knew you could be.

Stay in your experiences and reach towards your awakening. Never doubt yourself, your universe, or your soul.

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