Having Your Best Moment with the Moon

Having Your Best Moment with the Moon

Astrology is all about the sun, rising signs, stars and the moon but do you know how moon magic works? Do you know that you can have moon phases that help you to understand who you are. The moon phase that you were born under is one that is powerful to help you find out who you are.

Cycles of the Planets

Astrology talks about the cycles of the planets. One cycle is a phase that happens, and it represents energies that are in the atmosphere. The full moon, for example, shows you who you are and works for each person in a unique way.

The cycles of the planets are also called synodic cycles. They start with the conjunction which is when there are two cosmic bodies that come together and then they end when there is another conjunction.

All of the different cycles are based on the moon cycle. This is how the sun and the moon work together. The lunation cycle is different cycles that work with the planets. The cycles are part of life, and they work from birth to death and rebirth.

Sun, Moon and Earth

Look at the sun and the moon and see how they both work together to make things different. As the moon goes through its phases, sometimes it doesn’t even have any light and depends on the sun to give light to the planet. The sun is sometimes reflected and when it comes to the different cycles, it works with relationships.

The sun and the moon work together to make a union. The sun and the moon light things and there is only one energy field that happens around us. The moon is the yin, and the sun is the yang.

The moon works at night and the sun works at the daytime. They are cycles that go for 24 hours each day, and the body even works with the moon and sun.

The earth also works with these things. The earth and the sun work together. The moon moves around the earth and the sun doesn’t move. Even though you cannot look at the moon, you can gaze upon the moon and see the light hat coms from it.

The sun makes energies, and the moon takes the energies and sends them to the earth. As a person is born, they are connected with the energy of the sun, moon and the earth. The moon allows you to feel a certain way and it shows what kind of habits that a person will have.

Moon Phases

The moon phase is about the sun and the moon. It is part of astrology, and each person has their own moon phase. The energy of your moon phase can tell a lot about who you are.

Finding Out Your Own Moon Phase

The moon phase is one that works by counting the degrees of where the sun and moon are. When you look at your birth chart, the sun will move counter-clockwise until it gets to where the moon is.

New Moon

Here are some ideas about the new moon:

  • Theme: Emerging and Aries energies.
  • Stones: Labradorite and black obsidian.
  • Essential oils: Lemon and Juniper berries.
  • Spirit animal: Panther.
  • Mantra: “I know who I am and what will happen in my life. I will listen to my intuition.

Crescent Moon

Here are some ideas about the crescent moon:

  • Theme: Expanding and Taurus energies.
  • Stones: Laguna Agate and Carnelian.
  • Essential oils: Basil, Ylang Ylang.
  • Spirit animal: Beaver.
  • Mantra: “I am strong and dedicated. I know I have a purpose and a future.”

First Quarter Moon

Here are some ideas about the first quarter moon:

  • Theme: Taking action and Leo energies.
  • Stones: Sunstone and Citrine.
  • Essential Oils: Clove and Ginger.
  • Spirit animal: Peacock.
  • Mantra: “I am creative, and I will do my best to make things happen.

Gibbous Moon

Here are some ideas about the gibbous moon:

  • Theme: Making adjustments and Virgo energies.
  • Stones: Moss Agate and Dumortierite.
  • Essential oils: Marjoram and Frankincense.
  • Spirit animal: Ant.
  • Mantra: “I am strong, and I will do what I can to improve who I am.”

Full Moon

Here are some ideas about the full moon:

  • Theme: Being aware and Libra energies.
  • Stone: Selenite and Moonstone.
  • Essential oils: Lemon and Petitgrain.
  • Spirit animal: Buffalo.
  • Mantra: “Increasing my awareness gives me a clear mind. I celebrate who I am.”

Disseminating Moon

Here are some ideas about the disseminating moon:

  • Theme: Contributing and Capricorn energies.
  • Stones: Tiger Eye and Aragonite.
  • Essential oils: Patchouli and peppermint.
  • Spirit animal: wolf.
  • Mantra: “I am wise, and I have many skills that can help me in life.”

Last Quarter Moon

Her are some ideas about the last quarter moon:

  • Theme: awakening and Aquarius energies.
  • Stones: Angelite.
  • Essential oils: Cardamon.
  • Spirit animal: Hawk.
  • Mantra: “I will let go of negative things and I will be who I am supposed to be.”

Balsamic Moon

Here are some ideas about the balsamic moon:

  • Theme: Having closure and Pisces energies.
  • Stones: Amethyst.
  • Essential oils: Cedarwood.
  • Spirit animal: Whale.
  • Mantra: “I am changing, and I will not hold back who I am.”

Final Thoughts

The planet is here to make everyone better. You will be conscious, and you will do what you can to be the best person you can be. The moon phase will help you to be the best you can be. No matter what moon phase that you were born under, you will learn to trust you instincts and to live your best life.

Work with your moon phases and allow your heart to align with what is going on with your life.

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