Doing an Empath Test


Do you wonder if you are an empath because you have strong emotions, are sensitive and have a hard time in large crowds? You may even find that you have a hard time doing more than one task at a time.

Being in nature might help you to feel better and you might only feel normal when you are by yourself. If you find that you go out in nature and you sense other people’s emotions, then something might be different about you.

Being an Empath

An empath is used to talk about someone that has more empathy than others. This means that you might be sensitive to the energy of others because you are so sympathetic. But empathy and sympathy are two different things.

Empathy and Sympathy

Empathy means that you are able to feel and connect with energies around you. This means that you can feel what others are feeling and put yourself in their situation. This allows you to feel what other people are feeling and this is bigger than just having a feeling.

Sympathy is when you are able to relate to others, but you don’t feel what they feel. You learn to accept that people go through things.

What it Means to Be an Empath

Being an empath means that when you meet with someone, or you see someone that you might feel sick to your stomach. When this happens, it can mean that the person you are meeting with has some kind of grief or some kind of sickness that you are feeling. You get so overwhelmed with your feelings that you have a hard time understanding what you are feeling.

People are full of energy and those that are empaths exchange these energies with other people. When you trust your intuition, you are able to use it to help guide you and this means that you will feel both positive and negative feelings.

Signs of Being an Empath

Some people believe that everyone is an empath, and this isn’t true. Even if someone is overly sensitive, it doesn’t mean they are an empath. When you have one or more of the signs, you might be an empath:

Showing Emotions

Someone that has strong emotions or wears their hearts on their sleeves are people that are often considered empaths. They are sensitive and they show their feelings outwardly.

Love Nature and Animals

Empaths often love animals and nature. They feel better when they are around these things, and it can make them more aware. They pick up the vibrations even of food.

Empaths are drawn to nature, and they will feel better once they go out in nature. They are connected to things, and this reduces their stress.

Knowing Things

Empaths just seem to know things without having any proof. They are intuitive and they are able to sense things and they are normally right.

Mood Changes

Empaths are often thought to have mood disorders because their mood can change up and down. This can be a positive and negative thing. If you are happy and get suddenly sad, it can mean that you are an empath.

Hate Violence

Someone that injuries or painful experiences is usually able to handle this, but an empath will have a harder time handling any kind of pain or discomfort.  They also have a hard time with loud noises and sometimes even being touched.

If you have the news on and an empath watches it, it can be heartbreaking for them.

Being Tired and Sick

Empaths are often tired and sick all of the time because of their negative feelings. They struggle with chronic fatigue sometimes. The negative emotions that they feel can affect their health.

Getting Away from People

Some empaths have a hard time being around people too much because they are always picking up their feelings. They will often be introverts and they like to be home by themselves more than being out.

Always Busy and Distracted

People that are empaths are often busy and distracted. They sometimes get diagnosed with ADHD or ADD. They have a hard time focusing on things and they need to slow down and try to focus on one thing at a time.

Need to Declutter

An empath needs to make sure that their home or workplace has little clutter. They can get overwhelmed with too much stuff around them. Things have energy and having too much energy in one place can be overwhelming.

Addictive Behaviors

Empaths often struggle with addictions and other bad habits. They will often be addicted to drugs, alcohol or even food. They sometimes have mental illnesses. This isn’t something that they choose but the negative feelings that they have can cause them to become addicted to things so that they can get it off of their mind.

Relationship with an Empath

You might think that being an empath means that you would have the best relationships but that isn’t true. Sometimes it can be hard for an empath to be friends with someone. They do seem to fall in love fast but sometimes they are challenging to be with because of their emotions.


Some consider empaths to be attracted to narcissists. This happens because they are always trying to be positive, but they tend to draw to people that have the opposite energies. They are often attracted to people that are givers.

Empaths have different personalities, and they are often attracted to narcissists, sociopaths and more. They have a hard time protecting themselves from people that take their energy away.

Low Self-Esteem

An empath might have low self-esteem because they have so many emotions. They sometimes are depressed and have a hard time keeping their guard up.

Empath Test

Ask yourself these questions to see if you are an empath:

  • Do you feel like you don’t fit in?
  • Can you feel pain in people or animals?
  • Do you have feelings that come in the physical?
  • Do you know what people are feeling?
  • Do people think you are too sensitive?
  • Are you bothered by noise or movements?
  • Do you stay away from public places?
  • Are you drained when in large crowds?
  • Does your mood change due to others?
  • Do you have a hard time handling your relationships?
  • Do you love art and music?
  • Do you stay away from conflict?
  • Is it hard to multitask?
  • Do you love being in nature?
  • Do people ask you to help them with their problems?
  • Do violent images upset you?
  • Do you eat a lot or smoke?
  • Do you have strong emotions?
  • Does caffeine get you overstimulated.

Dealing as an Empath

Being an empath is both good and bad. It takes practice to learn how to deal with your emotions. You need to protect yourself from picking up the feelings of others and find a way to balance what you are feeling.

Balancing Energy

It is important to keep your chakras strong. Make sure that you meditate and keep your spiritual centers strong.

Overactive Chakras

Here is what will happen if you have an overactive chakra:

  • Feelings of depression and a lack of being inspired.
  • Feeling overwhelmed.
  • Having nightmares.
  • Gossiping about others.
  • Being co-dependent.
  • Wanting to be perfect or being stubborn.
  • Being too emotional.
  • Feeling angry or greedy.

You can fix this by making sure your chakras aren’t blocked. Balance your energy centers to stay strong.


You can get rid of an overactive chakra by visualizing. Do this by imagining something beautiful in your mind. Shield yourself and make sure that you are protecting yourself from negative energy around you. Stay away from energy vampires.


You have to have boundaries to keep out negative energy. Make sure that you know how you are feeling and see if you are picking up the emotions of others or if you have your own emotions.

  • Don’t interact with people that make you feel drained.
  • Use crystals and other things to bring you good energy.
  • Boost your energy such as going in nature, working out or eating healthy.
  • Ground yourself and be one with the earth.


It is important to meditate each day. Doing this can help you to get rid of negative feelings and to be strong. It can also help:

  • Reduce stress.
  • Help to control thoughts.
  • Have more self-awareness.
  • Regulate sleep.
  • Improve immune system.

Meditation is important to many people. Focus on your breathing and do some kind of mantra. This can help you reach your higher self. Do this for 20 minutes each day if you can and if you can’t, start small.

Empaths and Relationships

  • Limit toxic relationships.
  • Get rid of negativity.
  • Avoid problems.
  • If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, escape it and realize that this is a toxic relationship.
  • Use the grey rock method to balance yourself.

Becoming the Best Empath

You need to be an empath that is intuitive and one that is strong and able to help others. Once you realize you are an empath, make sure that you are able to have power and to live a healthy and burden free life.

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