How Do You Know You Are In a Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening

People are always fascinated by those who said they experienced a spiritual awakening. These are people who seem at peace, seem to have it together, and appear to have great understanding. That is apparent when you first meet them.

Many around the globe believe that humanity is primed for a great spiritual awakening. Most seem to grasp there is more to the universe than what can be seen and want more.

A spiritual awakening is defined by a motivation to a deeper spiritual awareness that brings transformation in one’s life and a shift of a worldview.

Spiritual awakenings may be predicated by an event, such as a near-death experience, but in truth, they are typically gradual occurrences where suddenly the light goes on. Most feel they have been called to a spiritual awareness their whole lives but it took an event to jolt the awakening experience.

Events that shock people into spirituality can include a traumatic event, a major event that changes the direction of your life, a crisis, a near-death experience, and a natural awakening. Natural awakenings come when someone has spent time searching for a higher power, spirituality, and the like. They may pray, practice meditation, work on mindfulness, and transforming themselves before facing a major awakening.

The Process

There is a transformation process to every spiritual awakening and it isn’t unlike the plot of a movie. The person may first face turmoil or realize there is a higher power working in the world. This is when the major event happens and that frees you to start looking inside yourself for answers.

After being confronted with ideas that may be different from those you held in the past. you will start noticing a lot of things in your life that don’t feel right or needs changing. You begin to confront your past belief system and negativity.

The search comes after this as you looking into different spiritual paths to determine truth from falsehoods. You gain wisdom and understanding. The next phase consists of you using what you have learned to heal past wounds and move forward. Finally, you will come to a place of peace and harmony with the universe.

Are There Signs of a Spiritual Awakening?

There are some physical signs that you are about to experience an awakening. There is a rise in intuition and a better sense of awareness. You are sometimes flooded with love you can’t explain. There are clear and compelling dreams, coincidences that are too numerous to be explained by chance, de ja vu feelings, and profound inner peace.

However, it isn’t all rosy. Some negative feels also come with the increased spiritual awareness. There is some disillusionment because you realize your perceptions of reality have been wrong so you feel like you have lived in a dream rather than the real world. There is also loneliness and there can be a feeling of superiority. The superiority feeling comes from understanding others are not yet awakened and this prompts you to be judgmental. You can also feel disconnected because your reality and priorities have changed. You are no longer interested in things you used to do and pursue more spiritual activities instead, such as serving others.

There is no set time frame to complete spiritual awakening. We are all in some form of it for a lifetime. However, the newness of it will wear off as you incorporate your new reality into your life and live it out. That will provide constant learning and awareness.

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