Why Does Your Deceased Pet Want to Contact You?

Deceased Pet Want to Contact You?

Losing a pet can be very hurtful and it can cause you to feel like you are lost. It can be as hard as losing a relative. Losing a pet can be like losing a best friend and it can seem like you could never say goodbye to them. This can be one of the hardest things that you have ever went through.

There are many pet owners that grieve over the loss of their pets and they often contact a medium to wonder how they can contact their deceased pet.

If you want to reach out to your pet that has passed over to the other side, then you will need to know what your pet wants you to know.

Why Do They Want to Contact You?

You might wonder why your pet wants to contact you after they pass on. Here are some reasons that your pets might come to you:

Helping Your Grief

If you are still having a hard time healing and you cannot move on, your pet might want to come to you so that you can have closure.

Your pet will come and tell you that you are spending too much time worrying about them but that they love you and that you were their best friend.


If you feel guilty about not being able to save your pet or if you feel that you didn’t do enough for them, they might come to you so that you know that you were a great owner to them and that you were not to blame.

What They Want You to Know

Your pet knows that your heart is broken but they need to tell you a few things:

They Love You

Your pet loves you more than you will ever know and just because they passed on, it doesn’t mean they love you any less. They know that you have flaws, but they think you are and were absolutely perfect.

They Chose You

They chose you the second that they saw you and they felt that you and they were connected to each other. They knew that you would love them, and they picked you because their intuition helped them to find you.

They want you to move forward and to be happy.

They Know What You Did

Your pet knows that you did the best that you could do for them. They know that you worked hard each day and that you still spent your extra time with them.

They know that you spent a lot and did a lot to give them the care that they needed, and they appreciated everything you did for them.

You Couldn’t Have Done Anything

There was nothing that you could have done to save them. You did everything perfect as their owner and they would have passed on no matter what you did.

Don’t feel guilty over what happened and just find joy.


Your pet wants you to be happy and they want you to have a good life. They want you to grieve and then to move on and do things to make you happy.

Their favorite time in their whole life was to spend it with you and you brought them true happiness.

Your pet shares your emotions and if you are grieving, they will grieve for you and if you are happy, they will be happy with you.


Pets want you to keep their memories, but they also want you to find a new pet. They want you to feel safe and secure and they want you to have a new friend.

They know that you love them and that you will never forget them and that you aren’t trying to replace them. They want you to open your heart up to someone else that needs you.

Still with You

Remember that your pet is still with you. Their soul lives wherever you are and even though they are not in your house anymore, they are still with you in your spirit.

They will stay around if you keep grieving, and they will want to stay there until you are happy again.

They want you to know that they are with other people in your life that have passed away before them and they are happy.

Talking to Your Pet

You can talk to a medium and they can help you to contact your pet. If you have questions, you can talk to them and they will help you to communicate with your pet and to get closure in your life. They can help you to move forward.

Talk to Them

Since your pet still has a soul that is by you, you can talk to them just like you talked to them when they were alive.

Reach out to them and tell them things. Share your feelings with them. You might feel like you are talking to yourself, but they hear you and they want to know what you are going through in your life.

Tell them about how you feel and if you are happy or sad. Tell them about things you have done lately in your life and what new things you have done.

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