If Your Husband Doesn’t Want Your Time

Husband Doesn’t Want Your Time

Marriage is never easy, and it is always changing. Any kind of short or long-term relationship can be hard to deal with. Being married means you will face challenges but when you find out that your husband no longer wants to spend time with you, the relationship might be over.

Here are some ways to know they don’t want to spend time with you anymore:

Always Busy

People are always busy but if your husband is doing whatever he can to not spend time with you, there is a problem. No matter what is going on, he seems to be pushing you away or making excuses.

We are all busy but if he is too busy to spend any time with you then this is happening on purpose and not just an accident.

Going Out

When you first got married, he was always wanting to go out with you and show you off. This can keep your marriage happy. But when you are never going out or having fun anymore, this can mean he doesn’t want to spend time with you.

If you haven’t been out with your husband in a long time, he probably is trying to avoid you.

Tuning You Out

Communication is a big key in any relationship. If you find that your husband is not listening when you talk, the relationship can be doomed. There is a difference between not being able to listen well and completely tuning someone out.

If your husband is always tuning you out when you talk, he doesn’t want to be around you anymore. This can mean that your marriage is in some kind of trouble, and you need to figure out how to bond or reconnect with him.

Gets Away from You Fast

Once your man gets home from work, he should spend time with you. If you find that he is running out to do something besides, be around you, this can mean he is not wanting to be around you. If he is always building, watching television or going out with his friend, you need to find a way to spend time together.

Saying “I Love You.”

Love is something that is important and there is a bond that is formed when you tell each other that you love them.  The bond that you have and the love you have for your partner should grow deeper each day but if he isn’t telling you he loves you, he might not want to be around you.

Intimacy or Physical Affection

Your husband should be physical with you and should be showing you through touch, kisses, hugs and more that he loves you. If he doesn’t want to spend time with you then he will probably stop showing you intimacy or physical affection.

Always Working

Working is important but if you find that your husband is always at his job, he might be working extra so he doesn’t have to come and spend time with you.

No Sex

Marriage and sex go hand in hand but if you and your husband have stopped having sex, he isn’t trying to get close to you. He should be intimate with you and invested in making you happy. He should make sex fun and special. Also, if he is just using you for sex then this is a problem too.

Making Excuses

If you ask your husband why he isn’t spending time with you and he tells you that he can’t or he is busy, there is a problem. He should invest time in you, take you out, cook with you, watch television with you or something to show he cares.

Always Aggravated at You

Men will want to spend time alone because they need to have a break but if every time you ask to spend time with him and he gets aggravated, he probably doesn’t want to spend time with you.

No Sex, Just Sleep

Most people that are married share a bed, but the bed should be more than just for sleeping. If your husband is coming home and not showing you intimacy, there is a problem. He shouldn’t just be coming to bed to sleep.

Closing Himself Off

When a guy is not communicating with you then there can be a problem, and this can mean he is closing himself off to you. He needs to be vulnerable and to communicate with you so that you can have a strong bond.

If he doesn’t want to spend time with you and he is being closed off, the relationship can be in trouble.

He Doesn’t Appreciate You

Marriage is not easy, and it takes a lot of work. You both have to be responsible in a relationship if you want it to be happy. It is important that you do things for each other and that you are thankful for what your partner does.

But, if you have a husband that never seems to appreciate you, it could be because he doesn’t want you around anymore or he is avoiding you.

Eating Together

Having a meal as a family is important. When you love someone, you want to eat with them and spend time together. This is a way that you can communicate about your day and connect with each other.

If a husband doesn’t want to have a meal with you then he is probably not wanting to spend any time with you. You have to find out why this is happening.

He Wants to Argue

Every relationship has ups and downs and arguing is one of them. This can be healthy, but it can also lead to something that is unhealthy. If your partner is always wanting to fight with you or is rude to you, chances are he doesn’t want to spend time with you anymore.

Maybe he wants to argue for no reason, or he doesn’t want you to give your side of the story. He probably is doing this to make you upset. It is important to see that this is a problem in your relationship.

Why Doesn’t He Want to Spend Time with You?

There are different reasons why your partner might not want to spend time with you such as:

  • He is unhappy in the marriage: Marriage is hard and if there is no bond or dedication then it can cause the marriage to end. He has to stop hiding his feelings from you.
  • Cheating: Your husband might be cheating on you if he is avoiding you. You need to find out if he is cheating and if he is or if he is lying to you then you need to confront him.
  • Stress: Sometimes men get stressed, and they need more time by themselves. Find out if he is going through a stressful time and give him a chance to explain. Try to do things to help him deal with his stress.
  • He doesn’t know how to explain himself: Sometimes men need alone time, but they don’t know how to explain it. Let him have time by himself and then let him know when you feel lonely. By opening up to him, you can be vulnerable and make the relationship feel safe.

Relationship Coach

Talking to a relationship coach can help you to work through problems such as your partner not wanting to spend time with you. Talk to someone that can help you deal with your relationship so that you can have peace.

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