Stay Single until He Does These Things

Stay Single

Stay single until you find a man that does these things for you and with you:

Ask Your Opinion

A man should ask your opinion because they want you to be part of their world and because they think you are important.

Not Making Sex a Necessity

A man that loves you will not try to force you to have sex and he will want to make sure that you are pleased.

Wants to Meet the Parents

When a man is in love with you, he will want to meet your parents and be part of your life. He loves you with all of his heart and wants you involved.

Not Abusive

This kind of man will never abuse you in any way. He wants you to be his woman and he wants you to be with him.

Likes Your Friends

When you meet a man that should be in your life, he will want to be around you when you go with your friends.

Shows You Respect

He will respect you as who you are as a woman and because you are his best friend. He will make sure that he adores you.

Remembers Small Things

This will be a guy that remembers the small things like your favorite color, your birthday and anything you love.

Won’t Put You Down

He will love you and he will never put you down. He will want you to be happy and feel loved.

Cancelling Plans

He will cancel plans with other people to be with you or to help you. He would rather be with you than anyone else.

Holds Your Hands

This guy will want to hold your hands and make sure that you know he loves you. He will also show the world his love for you.

Not Jealous

He will trust you and know that you love him back. He won’t be jealous because there is no reason for him to be.

Makes You Smile

This is someone that will want to see you happy and so he will make you laugh and smile anyway that he can.

Never Gives Up

He will try and never give up making you happy. He will pamper you and give you things so that you can feel happiness with him.

Supports You

No matter what endeavors that you choose, he will be there to support you. He will support your career and anything you want to do in your life.

Love the Worse in You

He will love you even when you don’t feel good or when you don’t have your makeup on. He will love the whole parts of you.

Kissing You

This will be a guy that will kiss you in private and in public. He will want his friends and family to know that he loves you.

Tells You How Beautiful You Are

No matter what you look like that day, he will tell you how pretty and beautiful you are. You don’t have to have makeup on for him to see your real beauty.

He is Proud of You

He will be proud of everything you do and even if you don’t do anything, he will show you off. He will be proud of all of your accomplishments and will support you in everything you want to do in your life.

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