Psychic Abilities of the Empathic

Psychic Abilities of the Empathic

An empath or someone who is known as an empath psychic, can feel the physical and emotional pain of others. These feelings are so intense that they can feel like their own. Empath abilities can over-stimulate the sensations of the psychic empath and come out as erratic behavior or anxiety.

Empath Psychic Defined

Psychic empaths are highly sensitive people who feel the energy around them. This is their own energy and that of others. This can lead to experiencing a host of physical and emotional issues that may be concerning for those who do not know of their psychic abilities.

Signs of Being an Empath

There are several signs that you or someone you know is an empath. This goes beyond being sensitive to energies, especially those of others, and feeling the stress or conflict of others. Some of the signs include:

  • Feeling the emotions of others on a deep level
  • Feeling emotions of others so deeply that you take them on (joy for joy, anger for anger)
  • Having feelings that seem random compared to what is happening in your personal life
  • Developing empathic connections to others, feeling their emotions more than your own
  • Experiencing an electrical current or nervousness that is followed by a flood of emotions
  • Sadness or melancholy that comes from nowhere and suddenly becomes consuming
  • Inability to separate your emotions from those of others
  • Anxiety and depression when many others feel these emotions
  • Unexplained physical symptoms
  • Constantly on an emotional roller coaster
  • Experiencing sympathy symptoms when someone close to you is sick
  • Knowing how someone feels before they identify it

Explaining How Empaths Receive Information

Though no one can truly explain the exact ways an empath receives information, there are many theories. Not all empaths garner information in the sameĀ  way or even a single way. Some use multiple means of information gathering to work together in a mega psychic ability. Some may use psychometry without realizing it when they touch a person or object that then relates to feelings. Other psychic abilities may then feed further into the information.

An empath may not be able to control information flow until the time is taken to examine and process actual use of the ability. This will require time, patience and testing of the ability to establish a baseline. It is then easier to see how psychic abilities are connected and how to allow them to function together.

Who is an Empath?

Like most other psychic abilities, no one really understands where they arise from or why some people have abilities and others do not. Some believe it is partly genetic and passed down through generations. Thurston uses Edgar Cayce readings to explore psychic ability development and suggests that psi abilities are caused by soul development through physical attunement and incarnation.

Another theory states that psychic abilities are connected to those who have near death experiences when a door has been opened to connect the physical and spiritual realms. This is then somehow connected to giving the person psychic abilities.

Controlling and Strengthening Empathic Abilities

Those who are inexperienced as empaths can be overwhelmed by a flood of information, especially when they are very young. The feelings an empath gains from others can be stronger than even their own and it can be difficult to distinguish one from the other.

This is because a child has not yet developed the coping mechanisms necessary to handle the flood of emotions. This particular ability can create a high strung and overly emotional child, especially if someone in the family does not know what is happening. At times, the child may be misdiagnosed as having an emotional or mental disorder that defines them throughout their entire lives.


Empath psychics often find creative physical solutions to the flood of emotions they feel. This is often accomplished by living in sparsely populated area that mimic a normal lifestyle, but limit the number of people in which they come into contact. This does not make the empath immune to the energies or emotions of others, but makes it easier to cope when compared to a metropolitan environment.


If you are a known empath, it can be helpful to have a trusted confidant so that you can talk, yet feel unjudged. Unfortunately, for many this is not possible and they remain isolated or ostracized for their differences. These feelings added to the feelings from others, can become debilitating.


Another option is to work with an experienced psychic with empath abilities to learn control and strength. As you learn, the abilities grow stronger and more directed with time and practice.


Those who can control their psychic empath abilities, there are several techniques that may be utilized. These help empaths to shut down, temporarily, or minimize powers for a time. If the ability is shut down, a person often becomes nervous or irritable because empathy is needed to function normally. Some of these techniques that can help include:

  • Meditation as a way to control and understand psychic abilities
  • Psychic development classes to teach basic control for all types of abilities
  • Online programs and workshops for psychic wellbeing

Give It a Try

Visualization is a simple technique used by many with psychic empaths. A brief visualization is included below.

  • Close your eyes in a quiet room and visualize two volume nobs or switches. Each one has a different label, me and others.
  • Next, visualize turning the me dial up all the way and the others dial down all the way.
  • Repeat this as often as necessary to keep emotions in check, even when around lots of other people.

Living as a Psychic Empath

If you are an empath, you have to learn to manage your personal reaction to the information you receive from others. This takes practice and time as you distinguish which emotions are your and what belongs to others.

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