Know Your Psychic Power: Six of the Most Prominent Abilities!

Know Your Psychic Power: Six of the Most Prominent Abilities!

Everyone has the ability tap into their inner wisdom and messages from the spirit realm.  Unfortunately, many people haven’t developed their abilities either because it goes astray from their faith traditions or because they don’t know how to process these sensations.

If you would like to develop your own abilities a great way to start is to understand the various types of psychic gifts.  By understanding these methods, you can begin to recognize if you have had similar encounters in the past.  Through time and training you can hone these skills and receive critical insights from the spirit realm and Universe.

There are six key intuitive skills we will discussion, all with the prefix “clair” (the French word for clear).  They tackle how people detect and receiving spiritual insight and relate to our five physical senses.  Therefore, if you find you have a heighten sense of smell, you may have inborn gift for clairalience.  Explore the following skills and discover how to grow your psychic powers.

1. Clairvoyance – Seeing

This is the gift most people associate with psychic.  Yet, few truly understand this ability to have clear sight.  Much like other portrayals of mysticism in the media, clairvoyance is more subtle.  Instead of “seeing” the future people with this talent get sent messages in the form of symbols, colors or number to their third eye.  The goal is to understand how this sign relates to one’s situation and soul’s journey.

2. Clairaudience – Hearing

Have you ever heard a message as clear as a bell, but no one is around you?  You might be a clairaudient!  These individuals receive message auditorily in the form of voices, tones, and music that are above the capabilities of human ears.  Clairaudients receive message via their third ear and can be processed a distinct ‘inner voice.’  This voice my comes from one’s own spirit, their spirit guides, or even angels that are providing a specific command, direction or even warning.  Mediums with clairaudience can help their clients by directly speaking with a deceased loved one, ancestor or Ascendant Master.

3. Clairsentience – Feeling

Clairsentients are best described as someone with extreme empathic abilities.  They receive message as physical sensations, thoughts or emotions.  Because of the over stimulation of sensory impulses being directed their way, people with clairsentience might seek to live on the edges of societies.

They may choose to keep interactions with others to a minimum due to the spiritual drain inflicted on them.  By receiving so many messages as physical manifestations, clairsentients are left feeling overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted.

If your gifted in clairsentience, you probably get gut feelings about people.  This is especially true if someone is trying to deceive you.  Also, if someone is physical ill near you, your body might begin to experience similar symptoms.

4. Claircognizance – Knowing

Have you ever understood how something works, without learning the facts or concept behind the process?  This is typical for people with claircognizance. For mediums with this gift, they can “know” if someone is about to arrive or the location of your next job.  You can hone this skill by working with your inner knowledge and explore the meaning of the random intuitive thoughts that sometimes suddenly “pop” into your mind.

5. Clairgustance – Tasting

Clairgustance sends us messages in the form of inner tastes.  For example, suddenly tasting whiskey on your tongue could foretell your coworker taking you out for Happy Hour after work.  Mediums can confirm the presence of a spirt by “tasting” a favored food of the entity with whom they are conversing.

6. Clairalience – Smelling

If you suddenly smell the scent of pine during your business conference, it could be a sign that you are working too hard and need that frequently postponed camping trip.  Mediums can pick up on which spirit is trying to come through by the use of psychic smelling.  The aroma of gardenia could confirm the client’s grandmother who grew this plant in her backyard.  This is especially comforting for people during readings since scent is frequently tied to our memories.

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