Psychic or Intuition?

Psychic or Intuition?

Do you have a gift but wonder what the difference is between a psychic gift and being intuitive? Do you wonder if this means you are a medium? If you are not sure of the difference between these things, do not worry about it, most people that have these gifts are not sure about what they always mean, either.

In order to understand the difference between these gifts, read further:


Psychics are sensitive to what happens in the supernatural world. Psychics can interact with spirits and have a sixth sense and can interpret the world in a different way.

Psychics work with clients and they get information and they try to interpret it so that they can help others.

Here are some things psychics do:

  • Help you to understand your past.
  • Help you to figure out your future.
  • Guide you on your life journey.
  • Help you to know what kind of relationships to pursue.
  • Help you to know what career to go towards.
  • Help you on your life path.
  • Use tools of divination (some).


Intuitive do not have to interpret information but they just know when they get a certain feeling. Someone that is strong in these feelings seem to know what is happening without any concrete evidence.

If someone is intuitive, they will have a voice inside of them that tells them things. They will be sensitive to these voices and it can help others.

Here are some things that being an intuitive can mean:

  • Having strong feelings.
  • Just knowing things.
  • Having a gut feeling.
  • Changing paths along the way.
  • Knowing if someone is telling the truth.
  • Knowing if they are making a bad choice.
  • Help others to know if they are with the right or wrong person.

What is Best?

Your guides will help you and support you in your life. It can be hard to decide what you should do but you have to learn to trust your feelings.

Throughout the world, people have learned to understand their powers and to use their intuition to guide them and to be their inner voice.

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