Signs You are a Healer

Signs You are a Healer

A healer is something that means different things depending on who is talking about it. Everyone on the earth has potential to be a healer. Even during ancient times, people were wise, and this wisdom was passed from generation to generation which included information about healing. These rituals were over 500 years old and even though people stopped believing in it so much, it is still available to those that want to be a part of it.

People meditate and need to be mindful so that they can be balanced in their life and emotions. This can help them to connect with the spiritual world and when we are connected with our mind, body and soul, we can figure out who we are and what we are supposed to do.

Our ancestors knew what we were supposed to do and they were smart enough to align their mind, body and soul with the planet and this allowed them to heal sicknesses such as depression, anxiety, cancer, heart problems, stress and more.

In our world now, many people are sick with different disease. History shows us that the humans have forgotten what they have to do to heal themselves and those around them. Recently though, people have begun to feel that they are in the wrong careers because they begin to remember what they can do and how they can heal others.

Women began to be natural healers and they become an inspiration to other women and men. They also learn to embrace their bodies and who they were so that they could help to heal others in their lives.

Do you think you are a healer? Here are some signs that you are and that you have a high purpose in your life.


If you feel that you are being pulled to a role of a healer, remember that our souls are connected to the earth and our minds help to evolve to solve problems and to help others.


Those that have been challenged know that their experiences were there for a reason. Maybe you have had a hard time doing something, but you have learned along the way or maybe you were abused as a child or experienced some kind of trauma. All of this helped you to be who you are today.


Most healers are introverts and they have a hard time dealing with society. This happens because you need to find your emotions a home and find out where you belong.

Life and Living

Many healers love things that are living and this is called being a biophilia. If you have a strong feeling for living things, this is part of your gifting.

Hard to Treat

When you think of sicknesses such as fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, chronic pain and other chronic disorders, chances are that you have been called to a higher purpose to help figure out how to heal these symptoms and sicknesses.

Problem Child

If you have always felt that you were a problem child or that you never really fit in, this happens because you are different, but it is important to know that you are essential.


Do people come to you so that you can help and comfort them? If you have been told that you are wise beyond your years and that you are good at problem solving, this is a sign.


Some energy healers have different feelings in their body such as vibrating hands, throbbing muscles and other problems. This is because your abilities to heal are showing through.


If you feel everything around you then you need to challenge yourself, but you need to be mindful of your energies.

Something Great

Healers have been put on the earth because they have a strong purpose in their life to help others. If you are willing to do the work that is put before you and you re inspired to be greater, chances are you are empowered by the universe to help others and you have strong talents that are different and unique.

If you are a healer, know that the world needs you and you need to take time to look at your life and what kind of things you can do for others.

Think differently about your path and know that you are strong, and you are good. Do you feel that you have signs that are mentioned above? If so, then you should feel inspired to your calling and feel that you are empowered and motivated to change the world.

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