Psychic Readings and Changing Circumstances

People who are in love sometimes become fixated on answers they have received in psychic love readings. It’s especially common when the answers indicate that the person’s romantic interest will come back to them, or that there’s hope for a troubled relationship to be healed.

Sometimes, a psychic reader can discern if someone’s ex is open to returning to relationship, or can advise the person on how to best approach the ex. It helps the reader to come up with more specific answers when the client asks the questions in a certain way.

For example, asking if an ex will return is best asked this way: “Show me the outcome of waiting for my ex to come back.” Asking if the ex is still in love, if you can work things out, or if your ex is still thinking of you is best asked in this way: “Show me the outcome of reconciling with my ex.”

A psychic may have difficulties in performing readings if a client comes to the reading in a troubled state of mind. The troubled state may be the result of feeling a sense of desperation and a willingness to sacrifice their own well-being to entice their ex back into their life. This troubled state leads to an imbalance in their energy, which impedes the psychic’s ability to clearly read it.

Problems with the reading can also arise if the ex is present for the reading. This can also disrupt a client’s energy, especially if the ex doesn’t want to be there for the reading, or is no longer a part of the client’s life, or has moved on with a new relationship.

A psychic is able to read all of the emotions that may be swirling within both the client and the ex, such as frustration, anger, indifference, hate, and love. This swirl of emotions may make it difficult for the psychic to provide clear answers.

Psychics are generally very empathetic, and certainly understand when clients are feeling pain over a broken relationship. It hurts to watch an ex move on, especially if they choose to do so with a new relationship that is destructive or dangerous. The client may only want their ex to come back.

Psychics see many sources of pain clients feel as the result of broken romantic relationships. Some of the more common ones include:

  • The client was deeply in love and firmly committed, but the ex did not feel the same way.
  • The client’s lover is married, but is promising to divorce their spouse (if you’re in this situation, be advised that the likelihood of the divorce actually happening is slim).
  • The ex quickly moved on to a new relationship. This may indicate that the ex was not committed to the relationship with the client in the first place.

The Only Constant is Change

All psychic readings are rooted in what the current situation is at the time of the reading. A client’s state of mind, their intentions, their feelings and any distress they’re feeling can all affect the reading, their future and the way they interact with people.

When consulting with psychics, it’s important to remember that everything changes. If you received a certain reading in the past, don’t hold on to those old answers if all of your circumstances have since changed. You likely received direction, insight and clarity from the reading, but it was based on your situation at the time. If your life situation has now become completely different, you should consider having a new reading based on that new life situation..

Each time you consult a psychic reader, your life is be different from what it was at the time of the last session. The lives of the people around you are also different. Therefore, it’s advised that you try to be as flexible and open as you can when seeking answers from a psychic, especially those involving romantic relationships. If things were going well or were on the mend at the time of your last reading but have since blown up, you may want to consider a fresh reading based on the new circumstances.

Free Will

Whether you consult with psychics or not, you will always have your free will. It’s up to you and you alone to decide if you should have a psychic reading. After that reading, you have the freedom to disregard the guidance and the answers the psychic shared with you, and you have the freedom to make the choices you feel are best. The psychic’s responsibility is to tell what they see. What you do with that information is totally up to you.

Psychics answer questions and give guidance. They strive to keep their own opinions out of their readings. They seek information about the past, the present and the future as required by their clients, and deliver their answers and guidance based on what’s best for their clients. Their own preferences, opinions and values should be left out of that all. Psychics are focused on their clients, not on themselves.

If psychics focus on themselves in any way, it makes it difficult for them to see what they need to see to perform readings for clients. They act as gatekeepers for information, and shouldn’t be deciding things based on themselves. They aren’t creating or reading the messages; they’re just delivering them.

Clients frequently seem to be hoping for a different answer from what the psychic gives. When you’re involved in a reading, it’s not helpful to try to ask the same question in different ways in an attempt to get a different answer. If the answer is “no,” it will remain “no” no matter how the question is asked.

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