Asking Good Questions

I’ve worked as a professional psychic for more than 15 years. Here’s an excerpt from letter I recently received:

“I’m facing a career change. Luckily there are many things I could do, but I don’t know which I should choose. I don’t know which would make me most happy. I don’t know which I could do best. Can you answer questions about the future?”

As these are common concerns among my clients, I decided to share my reply publicly, as I’m sure my answer will help more than just the person who wrote that letter. It should also give potential clients a feeling for the type of psychic readings I offer.

Seeing the Future

I’ll answer the last question first, as it’s the easiest one to answer. Yes, I can answer questions about the future! Under certain circumstances, I am able to see the future. Every psychic reader has different styles and methods. I prefer not to tell clients what will happen next. Rather, I prefer showing them the future outcome of decisions they’re facing or actions they may take. In other words, I’m a “question-specific reader.” I’m able to see future outcomes of decisions, events, or actions. I’m also able to help clients find the best paths towards accomplishing their goals.

Regarding the first questions in the letter I quoted at the beginning of this article, I can offer some assistance. The author wrote about uncertainty regarding which career path to follow. The way I choose to address the question is by breaking it into parts. The writer said, “Luckily there are many things I could do, but I don’t know which I should choose.”

Ask the Outcome

I could best offer my assistance if the writer queried in this way: “Show me the outcome if I choose to do _____ .” As the writer indicated there are many things they’re good at, my hope is that the blank in the question would be filled in with a choice that they find interesting, that offers them a sense of purpose, and that makes them happy.

I prefer for all of my clients to remove “should” from the questions they ask me. I believe we’re all given gifts to offer to the world, and that part of our life’s purpose is to find happiness by being the best people we can be and doing as much good as we possibly can. This allows us to shine and to find fulfillment and happiness in life.

Ask the Best Path

It would also be possible to get a good answer from me by asking a question worded like this: “Show me the best path to success and happiness.” This, in fact, is a common question, and opens the reading to all sorts of guidance and information the client might consider helpful. After the client asks that type of question, I advise them to focus on things that make them feel useful, alive and satisfied. It doesn’t matter at this point if those things will lead to financial success or not. I’d rather that they focus at this point on what it is that they love to do–what their life’s purpose is, what they’ve been put here on Earth to do.

It’s easiest for me to gain an accurate impression of the future when it’s directly related to the decisions clients make themselves. I can answer queries regarding clients’ beloved family members and friends and their futures when the question is worded like this: “Show me the best way I can help _____ find success” or “Show me the best way to help my child in _____ .”

Although these questions seem general, they’re the type of questions that can open the door for me to discern as much as I possibly can to the benefit of the person you’re asking about. When I see the future for others on behalf of my clients, I advise the clients that peoples’ minds are like the wind–they’re easily changed.

It matters very much to me to give you a good reading. I strive to give you accurate answers to your questions. So when I do readings with you, I will always advise you to ask questions about things that you have some degree of control over.


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