Satellite Retrograde: Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing

Typically, when people discuss retrograde, we think of particular planets and how they can make life crazy. However, there are other celestial beings that have retrograde cycles as well. Some months, an asteroid and comet can go into retrograde within days of one another and with that, bring introspective energy.

When the asteroid Pallas, named for the Goddess of Wisdom, went into an emotional Pisces retrograde on July 14 and led to feelings of frustration and insecurity. Then, on July 15, the comet Chiron went into retrograde in Aries. This creates an intense and powerful shift of energy that turns focus inward for healing of emotional wounds and self-love development. This combination could stir up emotions that are somewhat overwhelming. It could also offer strength to face the revelations and related emotions head on with energy to heal.

How Will This Retrograde Affect Each Sign

  • Aries – Chiron goes retrograde in this sign and remains through December 19, so you may find yourself reflecting on your childhood and the impacts it still has today. This is a time to nurture your inner child.
  • Taurus – You may wonder why you feel so off, even when you are normally balanced. You have to deal with emotions and memories as they arise so let the memories come and go as the clouds.
  • Gemini – Forever looking in two directions means you are in a good place to ride out the rollercoaster of emotions.
  • Cancer – Your empathy will be in overdrive as you find yourself supporting friends, but make sure you are also checking in on yourself.
  • Leo – You may have been ignoring or pushing down feelings, but it is time to face them. Clear the board and reset during this time.
  • Virgo – Your analytical mind will feel like it is on vacation for a bit. Let your instincts take charge for a while.
  • Libra – Chiron retrograde can bring you some unpleasant surprises, but you will ultimately get a deeper sense of balance and the ability to come to terms with things you cannot control. Keep forgiveness in mind.
  • Scorpio – You may come out of this retrograde learning to trust your instincts. This cycle will help you see that emotional connections are just as important as physical attachments.
  • Sagittarius – You will focus on the fine print and details more than normal. Try not to get lost in the minutiae and take a step back on occasion.
  • Capricorn – Your need for structure and order will be stressed to the limits between the dual retrogrades. All your plans and self-understanding fly out the window, so be patient with yourself and others.
  • Aquarius – Instead of yearning for community closeness, you will be looking for more alone time to reflect on yourself. This is a great time to start journaling.
  • Pisces – Due to the link with Chiron, you are becoming a symbol of duality. You may find yourself highly reflective, but do not run from it, embrace it.

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