Learn to Stop Taking Things Personally

Stop Taking Things Personally

People tend to be naturally defensive and when we feel that we are threatened, we can cause the situation to become negative. This kind of situation can leave us feeling upset and angry. It is easy to misunderstand different people because everyone communicates differently. Understanding how different people communicate such as friends, families and coworkers will help you to understand people easier.

We take the actions of others and when something causes us to be defensive, we have to take a second and see why we feel that way. Once we can learn to understand people around us then we can learn to understand that everything isn’t a personal attack.

Understanding Things Better

One of the best things that you can do is to check yourself and find out what is really causing you to get angry. This can be something wrong with your mentality or your physical being. Look at the words that you are saying and figure out the actions that you are doing and find out if you are upset about something else. Maybe you didn’t sleep good or maybe you aren’t eating healthy. There could have been something else that happened to you that caused you to be upset. Write down what you are feeling and why.


Understanding your feelings and responding to them is important. We react to our emotions inside of ourselves and externally. The energy that we have can cause us to have feelings that will cause us to feel attacked so understanding what is causing you to react is important.


Look at why other people are being the way they are and try to put yourself in their shoes. Think about what they did or how they reacted to something. Did they feel that what you were saying or doing might have been a personal attack on them first? Maybe they never meant to make you feel bad, but it just happened.


Everyone makes mistakes and it is important that you listen to what other people tell you. Listening and taking your criticism or even feedback in a positive way can help you to not feel insecure. If you are in a situation where you feel insecure, love yourself more and give yourself strength to make it through.

Look Up

Take a few minutes and go outside and look at the stars. You will see that they shift and rotate just kike your emotions. Even if the situation is hard, take a breath and then revisit it.

Get Rid of Negative Energy

Sometimes there will be situations that make you feel attacked by how someone talks to you. If you feel that someone is being negative, avoid them and remind yourself that you deserve someone to respect you. Do not let the way other people act hurt you.

Create Resources

When you begin to feel attacked, get over these feelings by figuring out what is going on in your life. Remember to ground yourself and use crystals that can help to keep you strong and centered.

How You Respond

When someone says something or does something that feels like a personal attack, you have the choice to embrace it or to look past it. Even if you are insecure, you can get over this discomfort and move forward.

Rather the situation is against you or not, let yourself have time to evaluate what happened and always be equipped to deal with personal attacks in a positive way that can bring you growth.

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