Seeing Your Energy Field, the Aura


Everyone has an aura, and this is the energy field that surrounds you. This is often called an egg-shaped shield and it helps you by surrounding your body and keeping you safe from negative energies. This aura has many different colors, and each color represents your emotions and feelings.

Rainbow of the Soul

Some people call the aura colors the “rainbow of the soul,” because the colors can tell you and others what your body is feeling and what you are going through. The aura shows the energy that comes from inside of you. Your aura energy is there, and it can draw people to or away from you.

The energy that surrounds you is like a shield, and it is there to help you to be safe from negative energies. But the energies will attach themselves to the aura and this can cause the aura to become dingy or dirty and cause the colors to be less bright.

Reading Auras

There are some people that have the gift of reading auras, and some people are trained in this. Other people have a natural ability to read their own auras or the auras of others. You can look at the auras of other people or yourself and you can know what the person or you are feeling or what you are going through. It can even tell if you have a health problem.

Aura Colors

The colors of the aura will tell a lot about a person. Each color that surrounds the aura has a different meaning and it can tell what the aura is going through and what people are thinking or feeling. Here are some examples of aura colors and meanings:

  • Red: This can mean a person is fiery or passionate about things in their life.
  • Yellow: This aura color means that someone is trustworthy or that they would make a great friend.
  • Black: Black is an aura color that can mean that you are living in a dark place or that you have secrets that are dark.
  • Gray: This color aura can mean that the person has an evil side. Some believe that a dark aura like gray or black can mean that the person could even be a killer.
  • Blue: This can mean the person has a calm and caring personality.
  • Green: This aura color can mean the person is in love.

How to Read an Aura

There are ways that you can see an aura including your own. The best way to do this is to look at a person and close your eyes till they are almost closed. Let your eyes go blurry and see if you see a color that is surrounding the person that you are looking at.

Look to see if you see different colors. If you do, you will see their aura. This can take time and practice but if you are patient, you can begin to see auras. This can help you to understand people more than you do now. Practice and be patient and see the auras of yourself and others.

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