Living Human as a Fairy

Fairy people

There are beings that are fairy people that actually take the form of humans, but they are fair. Fairies are magical creatures and sometimes they come to earth to be part of the human world.

The fairies that come as human will live a regular human life. You might never know that the person beside you is a fairy, and it could even be you, your neighbor, or a person you pass on the street.

Fairies as Humans

There are different ways that a fairy can become a person. A fairy lives in a different plane than humans live but they can cross between their land and earth.

Some fairies like to cause trouble for people, and these are ones that will steal human babies and leave a fairy there instead. This is called changeling, and this puts the fairy baby in place of the human baby leaving it to be raised as a human. It may never even know it is a fairy.

Fairies will come to the world all the time and end up procreating with regular people. When this happens, the babies that they have are humans and they have fairy blood inside of them. If the father is the human and the mother is the fairy, the child might be more like the fairy side than the human side and they will eventually go to the fairy world.

On the other hand, if the father is the fairy and the mother is human, the child will end up being more like a human and will stay on earth but will have magical traits that can be passed on to their children.

Fairy people can live on earth and most people will never even know that they have seen a fairy or even interacted, dated, or married one. There are some signs that you can look for to figure out if you are part fairy or not. Fairies are hard to tell apart, but you can look at these things and see that they are different.

Physical Signs of Being a Fairy

There are different types of fairies on the earth and some look just like human beings. They might look a little more enchanting than a human, but they are hard to tell apart to the regular eye.

Another trait is that fairies will live longer than most people. They don’t live for centuries but they will live longer because they are able to fight off diseases and sicknesses.

These are beings that are beautiful, and they are normally even described to others as beautiful and graceful and their eyes are different, to the point where you almost feel that you are under some kind of spell when you look deep into their eyes.

A fairy will also have a lower body temperature and their skin will feel cooler even when it is hot out. They don’t have freezing skin or anything, but they will have different body temperatures.

Sleeping is different for the fairy where some want to sleep all the time because they love dreaming, others will sleep for little bits of time and will usually be energetic and ready to go all night.

These beings are very sensitive to the electromagnetic field and so they will have headaches, body aches, skin problems and more if they are around a lot of electronics and technology. They are also overly sensitive to iron alloys.

Fairies can hear things that other people can’t, and they will have strong intuition.

Other Traits

There are other traits that cause a fairy to stand out compared to a human. They are very in love with nature, and this is because they are often elemental beings. They want to make sure that the earth is well and that it is taken good care of, so they spend a lot of time in nature. They love animals, plants, trees, flowers and just being outside.

Not only are they drawn to nature, but nature is also drawn to them. The fairies love to play and have fun and they love to listen to music, dance, sing and play fun games. They have a great sense of humor, love to laugh, they are charming, witty and they attract babies and small children.

Fairies often have many friends, but they don’t always feel that their life is full of love that they need because they don’t really belong. They will often travel so that they can go out and figure out where they are meant to be and sometimes, they change careers a lot.

Fairy people love the supernatural and are sometimes healers and often find themselves in healing careers such as massage therapists, medical, herbal practices and more.

Final Thoughts

If you think that you might be a fairy, but you aren’t sure, talk to a psychic and see if they can guide you on your life journey.

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