Self-Care for Geminis

Self-Care for Geminis

When the season of social twins, the Gemini, begins, their energy gets a huge boost from the universe. Everything appears heightened during this time which includes a need for self-care. If you happen to be a Gemini, this guide can hep you get the necessary self-care using self-care activities that are designed just for the Gemini. Keep in mind that Gemini is a social butterfly and love being around and knowing others. The world is a playground for Gemini because there is so much new to learn. A Gemini’s life is always focused on mental stimulation. Self-care allows the Gemini to stay connected, enjoy activity, and explore the new in the world.

Gemini is a sign of the twins which means they are essentially two souls and two brains in one which makes them twice as curious. Unironically, the two things that stress a Gemini are opposites. The Gemini wants to meet new people and do new things, constantly in need of stimulation, but a lack of these make them anxious and unfocused. Unfortunately, these anxious feelings are also present when the Gemini fails to rest. Since the Gemini is so socially inclined, this is often a self-imposed issue because the thought of being alone is painful. This makes Gemini perfect for a self-care routine.

Self-Care for the Mind

  • Morning Routine – Gemini is a mutable sign which means a morning routine is far from routine. It is more a time block in which they can do as they please. This may mean that each week they chat with friends while doing a skin care routine for 30 minutes while another day they take in a yoga class or do chores. If it makes sense to the Gemini, it is what they need to start the day right.
  • Research/Books/Podcasts – Gemini thirsts for knowledge and when it comes to self-care, this is part of it. To the Gemini, both useful information and random facts are important. They enjoy researching and soaking up what others have to say.
  • Video Games/Puzzles – Gemini is analytical and enjoy a good challenge, so any type of puzzle is great. This includes video games that connect them to the larger online world.

Self-Care for the Body

  • Circuit Training – Gemini tend to suffer from lack of focus, so single-minded workouts are not that popular. Circuit training or HIIT workouts are perfect so the Gemini does not get bored.
  • Zumba – Gemini can benefit from Zumba because it is fast-paced, fun, and a way to meet others. Because the Gemini enjoys dancing, it can serve as double self-care.
  • Sleep – The Gemini’s mind never stops so sleep may be erratic. Sometimes they sleep 8 hours, sometimes two to keep up with their social calendar. The aim for Gemini should be six hours nightly, but if this is not possible, a nap can be good for self-care.

Self-Care for the Heart

  • Romantic Partners – Gemini can maintain a traditional relationship with the right person, but they tend to thrive when both parties are pretty independent.
  • Friends – Friendships are first and foremost as they are stress relief for Gemini. As the premier extrovert, nothing makes the Gemini happier than time with new people.
  • Family – Gemini tends to be closest to the younger generations of the family. If they are facing a dilemma, it is the closest family members that they first turn to and trust. This is difficult for self-care because Geminis are often wrapped up in knowing everything and being analytical. They can be careless and cross boundaries without even realizing it.

Self-Care for the Spirit

  • Meditation – Meditation is not always easy for Gemini who struggles to focus, but breathing exercises can be an excellent option for learning to focus and develop mindfulness.
  • Stream of Consciousness Writing – Gemini’s head is often crowded with thoughts and knowledge and stream of consciousness can help empty some space without burdening someone else.

Relaxing and Letting Go for a Gemini

  • Hiking – When the need to relax hits, going for a long hike is soothing to the Gemini. This presents just enough adventure and challenge to make it fun for Gemini.
  • Manicure – The nail salon offers pampering and relaxation from world for the Gemini.
  • Travel – Geminis love something new and fascinating, so travel is an ideal way to let go. It may seem like an indulgence, but for Gemini, adventure is necessary.
  • Motorcycle Riding – Gemini is often an adrenaline junkie which should be no surprise. Motorcycles can fill this need in a fun way as long as the Gemini drives safely.

Guilty Pleasures

  • Bookstores – Geminis often have the guilty pleasure of books. With a strong penchant for knowledge, this is not a surprise. Gemini’s will often binge read new releases and popular authors as well as self-help books, romance novels, and travel books. If you take a Gemini to a bookstore, you may not see them for hours.
  • Reality Television – Gemini love reality TV because of how over the top it is and because it allows them to completely shut down their brains and relax. These shows require no analysis, just enjoyment, making it a wonderful guilty pleasure.

The Gemini is active and brilliant, but the most important thing they can learn is to relax and find balance. Thankfully, the Gemini loves to learn new things so learning a proper form of self-care should be a breeze.

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