What is Clairaudience?


Being clairaudient means that you have a clair gift and you are able to hear things inside of yourself. This is a gift that can give you different answers to questions.

Once you reach your higher being and you embrace your gift, you can communicate with your guides and your angels and you can hear from them.

Knowing Clairaudient Messages

There are different ways that you can know if you have a clairaudient message such as:

  • You hear your own voice, but it gives you information about something that you want to think about later.
  • You hear messages from someone else in your mind. You are able to learn the difference between your own voice and a spiritual voice.
  • You hear words or music or someone talking to you or calling your name.
  • You see visions.
  • You hear sounds that are physical and beyond what you are used to hearing.
  • You hear voices when no one is around.

Are You Someone that Has the Clairaudient Gift?

Anyone can develop their psychic gift and be clairaudient. You can do this if you have this as a main gift and you can expand your life. Here are some ways that you might know that you are clairaudient:

  • You can play music by ear. You are talented and you can learn songs and music after listening to them for a short time.
  • You can compose your own music. You love to listen to lyrics and memorize them or make up your own.
  • You learn the best when you are able to listen to someone teaching you. You remember things that are said to you easily.
  • Noise makes you sensitive. You get upset or headaches easily when noise is loud.
  • You hear buzzing or ringing in your ears without anything playing.
  • You are able to talk to yourself and give yourself advice.
  • You hear voices even when no one is around. You might even hear someone calling your name.
  • You had imaginary friends when you were young.
  • You have people that always come to you to get advice on things.
  • You get different signs from signs and from music that you listen to.

You do not have to have all of these things in order to be clairaudient.


Sometimes people will get clairaudient messages such as voices or signs. They will know that they are being talked to because things will seem different.

Sometimes these signs will come to warn you and will help you to know when you are making the right decisions in your life. Look at your life and see if you are hearing things over what you are listening to. Pay attention to the signs and see how they change your life.

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