Signs You Are Having a Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

People that go through a spiritual awakening often wake up and experience when they least expect it to happen. This can happen more than once in your life but most of the people that go through it for the first time have the most change in their life.

Some people have different awakenings that impact them in different ways, and they experience the awakening differently.

Spiritual Awakening

People experience their spiritual awakening in different ways. You might have a time where life seems hard, and things are frustrating, or you might have an easier time than you expected.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is not something that is easily defined, it is something that can change your life and is a force that allows you to find your real self. It helps you to connect with the universe.

Your conscious thinking will change during this time and you will have different values and beliefs. You will be guided by a different feeling and force.

When your life is hopeless and you feel that you will never find what you need in your life, this is a time where you will go through your awakening.

Trying to figure things out by yourself happens when you realize that you are no longer connected to the universe.

People often have more than one spiritual awakening and this can help you to have a deeper relationship. This can help you to raise your thinking and can help you to see what your purpose is in life.

Why Does the Awakening Happen?

The awakening will happen when you feel that you have a life that is in need of something more. It is a time where you begin to question things in your life such as:

  • What the meaning of life is.
  • What your purpose in life is.
  • About where your soul goes.
  • To know about reincarnation.
  • How to find joy.
  • Why your life isn’t working how you expected it to.
  • If God is real.

Your spiritual awakening can happen to give you answers and to help you to make changes in your life.

Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Here are some things that you may experience when you go through your awakening. Remember that everyone goes through different things when they go through their awakening, but these are often common signs.


Some people will begin to start thinking deeply about things. Instead of being too busy in life, they will change their mental energy and will find things that they want to know about.

If you feel that you are thinking about things deeper than normal, it could be the start to your awakening.

Change in Consciousness

As you go through your awakening, your values and beliefs might change. You may ask things such as:

  • What in my life is important?
  • What do I put first in my life?
  • What brings me satisfaction?
  • What do I believe in and what are my morals?

Being Dissatisfied

No matter what you are doing in your life, if you are no longer satisfied in what you are doing, this can be a sign that you want to reach your higher self.

You might feel that there are things that you want to change, and people might go in and out of your life.

Friends and Family

When your life begins to change, you will see that there are people that bring good things into your life and people that bring negativity to you.

Figure out who brings something to your life and who doesn’t. You may see that you need to change your relationships.

Breakup or Divorce

There are times in your awakening that you might need to change your relationship. You might see that you want to get a divorce or break up with someone that you are close to.

This will be something that ends up being good in your life even if it is hard at first.

Job Change

Another thing that might happen to you during your awakening is that you might feel that you are no longer interested in your job. You might want to do something different or something more exciting.

There might be a time where you feel stressed out and where you want to prepare to leave and find another job somewhere else.

Asking Questions

When you begin to think deeply, chances are that you will have questions that you want to ask. You will ask things such as:

  • Who have I become?
  • Why do I no longer feel happy?
  • What is more important in my life?
  • Am I in the right relationships?
  • Where do I belong?

Time Alone

Once you go through your awakening, chances are that you will want to spend time alone. You will come to the point where you are in the hermit phase and this means you want to spend more time thinking about things and having time to be quiet in yourself.

This is a time where you will learn lessons and learn to pay attention to what is going on in your life.

Wanting a Reset

When you have a spiritual awakening, it can mean you want your life to start over. You will want to change how you look or even how you think.

Once you move through this, you will see that you want to completely reset your life and move to a different state of being.

Future Anxiety

Sometimes when you go through these things you become stressed about what the future will have for you. This can happen because of things going on around you in the world or because of your own thoughts.

Do not be worried about the future but know that you aren’t alone, and you are reaching your spiritual journey. Reflect on your life and find peace in your connections.

Talking to the Universe

You will see that you want to talk to the universe. You want to tell it things and you want to find out signs to bring you closer to who you are.

Being Disappointed

During your awakening, you might be mad at the universe for not listening to you. You might feel that things have fallen apart in your life and that everything is going downhill.

You might be upset and frustrated because you feel that the universe is not listening.

Sleeping Problems

You might become sleepless during this time because your mind and body are so stimulated with the new things that are happening to you.

Take time to rest and do not fight your sleep when it comes to you.

Vivid Dreams

Some people have vivid dreams or sleep paralysis at this time. They have such strong dreams that they experience different symptoms.

These dreams can be scary, but they are all part of your journey.

3 AM Wake Up

If you get woken up early in the hours, this can be the universe talking to you. This might happen because you are at a point where you are inspired and where your guides are wanting to talk to you.

Find out if you need to ask questions before you go back to sleep.

Lost Interest

During your awakening, chances are that you will lose interest in the things that you once loved. You will lose your passions and your feelings for things that were pointless.

You will find new things to replace old hobbies.

Not Belonging

Chances are that you will feel that you no longer belong where you are, even on the earth. You might feel that you are a lightworker and you might ask things such as:

  • Where am I really from?
  • Where do I really belong?
  • What is the place I was meant to go?
  • Will I live here forever?

Traveling or Visiting

You might want to travel places or visit places on your own. Maybe you have questions about different areas, and you might want to go there.

There are some sacred places that people are often attracted to such as:

  • Stonehenge, England
  • Ibiza, Spain
  • Sedona, Arizona
  • Chechen Itza, Mexico


People that go through their awakening often find that nature brings them more peace than ever before.

This can happen and can cause you to want to go to the mountains, on hikes, for a swim in the ocean or lake or just to go out walking.

Eating Habits Change

You may lose taste for things that you ate before your awakening. This might mean that you no longer want to eat meat and you want to eat more vegetables or fruit.


People that have an awakening often have to face challenges in their lives such as:

  • Addictions
  • Losing a loved one
  • Unemployment or job loss.
  • A sickness
  • An injury that leaves you down.
  • Financial problems

Life sometimes will put obstacles and challenges in your way to warn you. You will see once you make it through your awakening that things will get better.

You must make sure that you have a good attitude and that you look at things from a good perception. You have to let yourself get stronger and learn to be the best that you can be.


People that go through their awakening often face challenges and hard things in their life. They often experience things that help them to see that their future is better even though their present is hard.

If you are single, addicted, married, sad or if you are going through challenges, chances are that you are about to experience your awakening journey.

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