Skeptics and Psychic Readings

I’ve worked as a professional psychic for more than 15 years. When I perform readings for clients, I do them in privacy. I value the fact that they’re confiding in me, and I show my respect by conducting readings in a sacred and calm space. It’s common for clients to have a powerful emotional reaction to a reading. Sometimes they’re joyful; other times they’re tearful. Either way, conducting the readings in private settings allows clients to process their emotions without compounding their worry regarding their safety or security.

Tricking Psychics

As I considered my own modes of operation, my thoughts were drawn to Montel Williams’ old syndicated TV show (it’s been off the air since 2008). Williams was one of the first TV talk show hosts to regularly feature a professional psychic as a guest. That professional psychic, Sylvia Browne, would perform readings with audience members (Sylvia Browne died in 2013). Those readings were intended to air on the show.

One particular episode had immediately sprang to my mind. An audience member asked Browne about the death of her husband. Browne immediately answered the question, but the woman argued that Browne’s answer was not correct. Browne maintained that her answer was correct, and the argument continued until the host failed at defusing the situation and the show took an abruptly timed commercial break.

Why would the woman ask Browne such a question, if she obviously already knew the details? Maybe her question was unclear, and she just wanted to know more about events surrounding the death, like what his final thoughts were. Maybe she was seeking more specific information than she already had.

Or maybe she was intentionally trying to trick Browne.

I find it extremely disturbing to consider that anyone would enter a situation with a psychic with the intention of tricking them. A psychic can only be expected to work with the information they’re presented with. All they have to go on is what the client tells them.

If you don’t hold the belief that a psychic has the ability to connect with the spirits of people who have died, or if you don’t believe that psychics can see the future, then please don’t go through the trouble of having a reading with one. There are other people who do believe in the validity of psychics, seers, mediums and mystics.

Skeptic or not, everyone should understand that it’s just not possible for any one psychic to be 100 percent accurate every time. Skeptics, non-believers, tricksters and the jealous all seem satisfied to cry “fraud” when a psychic reader appears to make a mistake or fall short.

I try not to second-guess the readings of other professional mediums and psychics. But the viewing public immediately seized on the situation on The Montel Williams Show to brand Sylvia Browne as a fraud. Though Browne was shamed, she never wavered or apologized. She was asked a question and she answered it, and was then ready to move on to the next question.

It’s critical for psychics to remain detached in this way. Professional psychics in our fast-paced social media-focused culture need to be prepared to be criticized, shamed and tricked. If they’re not prepared, they should maybe reconsider their career choice.

In my opinion, genuine psychic readers should be prepared to give you the most truthful answers they possibly can. If you want to optimize your reading, you should be as honest as you possibly can be, without purposely attempting to withhold or hide anything.

The best psychic readings are the result of clients seeking guidance on improving their lives, information about their future, and advice on how to make themselves, their family and friends healthier and happier.

Professional mediums place kindness, respect and understanding towards their clients at the top of their lists. Hopefully, their clients realize this and act reciprocally. Professional psychics and mediums have given of their lives to answer their callings. They’re dedicated to giving honest answers, and strive to do no harm and make no mistakes.

Those who have had long-term private practices have sometimes sacrificed a great deal in their own lives to offer to have their work available. Many charge low fees, work every day, and do their best to make themselves available for service. Ethical readers who really can’t “see” to perform your reading for you will be aware of this issue almost immediately, and will be personally and ethically bound to refund to you what you’d paid.

Not every client will form a genuine connection with every psychic reader; finding a “match” on your first try is not guaranteed. It’s critically important for you to find a reader you trust and are comfortable with. It’s just as important for you to be honest and open, and formulate your questions with the intention of gathering information.


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