Understanding Your Aura and What it Means

Understanding Your Aura

Have you ever met someone that you were immediately drawn to, and you felt like you should be best friends with them after your very first meeting? Or maybe you are someone that have met people that were exactly the opposite, and you couldn’t stand to be around them? Many people think that this is all about your intuition, but the truth is that even though it is about intuition, it can also be about picking up on someone’s auric energy.

Once you understand the aura, you can understand more about yourself. The aura can tell you about someone’s personality, it can tell you if someone is healthy or ill or it can even tell you what you can do in your life to be better. If you are not able to see aura’s you can still understand that your aura is one way that you can know how to better your life.


An aura is part of the energy that surrounds your being. Everything that is alive and even things that aren’t are full of energies. The energies of the aura can be different colors and there are seven different layers of the aura.

Everyone has an aura that is a different color, shape, size, and this can change as someone’s mood or feelings change or if someone gets sick or healthy. The aura is like your own personal fingerprint or DNA because no one has the same aura. The aura is not easy to see, and you cannot just look at someone and see their aura, but you can learn how to feel the aura with your instincts.

Seeing Auras

There are different things that you can do in order to see someone’s aura. This is something that you can learn. You can even use your own eyes or there are special photographs called aura photography that picks up the colors of the aura.

You can find ways to see an aura by looking online and once you are able to do this, you can use your intuition to decipher what the auras mean.

Aura Photography

Aura photography is a way that you can see auras and it is called Kirlian photography. This was made by Semyon Kirlian who wanted to research and find out of the auric field was a real thing.

When you get an aura photograph, you need a special camera that does this and when you put your hand on the metal plate of the camera, the plate is able to tell the different energy that you put out because of acupressure points that lay in your hands. These places on your hands have different pressure points that show your energy level, and it can show you the colors that go with it.

Understanding the Aura

There are ways that you can get your aura to be stronger and you can connect with it more such as:

  • Knowing that your chakras affect how your aura is. You need to make sure that your chakras are balanced and strong.
  • Chakra colors aren’t the only colors that people can see in an aura, colors that are stronger will show up in your aura even if you don’t see them in chakras.
  • Using your intention can help you to see the colors of the aura.
  • Put your hands together and rub them strongly, as you pull them apart, feel the energy coming from your hand. Pay attention to if you see colors or a haze in the space between your hands.

Aura Colors

This is a list of some of the colors you can see in your aura and what they mean:

  • Yellow: This is a color of joy and harmony.
  • Orange: This color means that you are healthy and creative.
  • Red: This is a powerful and passionate color and can mean you are centered.
  • Purple: This means you are able to see your psychic giftings at work.
  • Blue: This means you are calm, and you are a healer.
  • Green: This can mean you are balanced and strong.
  • White: This means pure and truthful.
  • Black, Brown, or Gray: These colors can mean that you are weak and lacking energy.

What Changes the Color of Your Aura

Anything that you do or even don’t do can affect your aura. If you are in a negative mood or you have had a bad day, your aura can change from yellow to brown. If you have health problems or you are around people that are negative, it can also change your aura colors.

You need to do what you can to keep your aura strong and healthy and you can do this by protecting yourself and being positive.

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