Knowing Counter spells and War Water Curses

Knowing Counter spells and War Water Curses

People do not want to have to learn how to break a curse but when you get in a position of being cursed, you want to know how to break it. On top of that, curse-breaking is something that all witches should learn in their witchcraft education. You don’t even have to be a witch to be able to break curses because sometimes people that aren’t witches will end up having curses put on their lives.

This can be someone in your life that doesn’t like you or a neighbor that is upset with you and ends up giving you an evil eye or putting a spell on you that you do not want on your life.

People all over the world use magic and not all magic is going to be good. Some of the biggest curses that are very known are called war water curses or Water of Mars. These are curses that can cause bad things to happen in your life, your job, and your health and if you think someone has used a war water curse on you then you need to know how to break this curse right away.

War Water Curse

A War Water curse is a curse that comes with using magic. This is a spell that is usually found in the Southern United States, but it can be used all over the world. It can be found anywhere that witchcraft is used, and this information can spread all over and fast. Many witches nowadays know about the curse, and they often use it against people. There are different things that you can do such as sprinkle magic around your home or using other magic to get rid of curses and it can make the curse harmless and not let it hurt you. This can be used to do spells as well.

Some people know that folk magic is real, and they know that the War Water does not always have a single recipe, but many people do their own recipe depending on who they are and where they live. It is more the intent behind the curse that is dangerous. One thing with the War Water that is used is iron. Some people will use iron nails, pails, pins or whatever they can rust by leaving it in water. Other common ingredients include:

  • Vinegar
  • Moss
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Jars

People will mix these things together and leave them in a jar until they are black or dark brown.

Knowing You Have Been Cursed

Now that you know that a War Water is a curse, you need to know how to know if it is something that has come against you. This is hard to answer because there are different ways that people can put a curse on someone. There are some ways that you can almost be sure you have a curse such as:

Finding a War Water Jar

This is one of the biggest signs that someone has put a curse against you. If you find a jar and you see it filled with rusted nails, or if you find a broken jar close to your property, your job or your vehicle, chances are someone has used this curse against you.

Made a Root Doctor or Witch Mad

There are different ways that you can know if you have a curse on you, but you can almost guarantee that you do if you have upset someone that uses magic. These people might curse you because you have upset them and many of them will use the War Water as a fast curse.

Warning of the Water Curse

If you have a neighbor or a person in your life that warn you about curses, chances are that you will need to know if someone has cursed you. Sometimes the spirits will come to you to guide you and to warn you if you are cursed with a war water.

See Signs of Having a Curse

Even though this is not always accurate, a curse against you can cause many things to happen in your life. War water can cause you to have negativity in your life or with people that are in your life. This can happen because the point behind a War Water curse is that you have an internal fight.

If you find that you are fighting a lot with someone that you never argued with, this can mean that something is going on in your life. Also, if you have strong emotions or if you have people in your life that are all of a sudden full of bad tempers, you might be dealing with a War Water curse. Other things that you might have happen to you include:

  • Headaches
  • Not being able to sleep well.
  • Nightmares or Night terrors.
  • Injuries that bleed such as paper cuts.
  • Sleep paralysis.

If you think that you are cursed with the War Water, you can do a counter spell to help you get out of the curse. This is a good idea to make sure that you are not missing out on any issues that can come into your life because of the curse. If that doesn’t work, you can try something else.

If you find that you are tired or confused about the magic around you, you need to find out how to protect yourself and your magic. This can mean you are dealing with parts of spellcasting that are dangerous. You need to learn to defend yourself and to make sure that you are strong and safe from spells.

How to Break a War Water Curse

War Water curses can be hard, but you can get rid of the effects of this kind of curse. You can do things that can stop a War Water curse and even if it is hard, you can get rid of this spell on your life, home, or your job. You can get rid of the curse completely out of your life.

What You Need

Here are some things you need:

  • Water
  • Agrimony
  • Hyssop
  • Rue
  • Rags
  • Mop
  • Soap Pot

Getting rid of a curse by boiling hyssop, agrimony and rue can help you to get rid of this curse. While you bring this stuff to a boil, you need to say, “Over and out, no longer will I be disdained but I will stop the curse, the ill wish is now in vain. If you curse me again, I will rebound it with pain.”

Do this chant while you keep your intentions on getting rid of the curse. Make sure that you are making other curses bounce back to the person that sent it. You can make sure that you use herbs to cleanse your home and your life. Wash everything in your home and if you know where the War Water landed in your house or on your property then take the herbs there and put them in those spots. Never forget the back and front of the porch or the windows.

If you cleanse your area and you are still feeling the curse, you need to make sure that you do the spell again until it is completely broken. Afterwards, go and take a salt bath to cleanse your body and get rid of negative spirits in your life.

Being cursed can be very terrible in your life and you can feel that you will never be able to get over the damage that a curse can bring. Once you break the spell, you need to make sure that you talk to a spell caster and let them do a curse-breaking spell for you in case the problem is trying to repeat itself. If this problem keeps coming back, you need to bind the spellcaster and make sure that you do not let it hurt you. Do not be afraid of curses and learn to defend yourself in all ways.

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