What is the best psychic reader for you?

What is the best psychic reader for you?

There are many different types of psychics, so how do you start looking for the one that is right  for you?   Most psychics will use more than one technique to “read” you.  The will more than likely use different tools for divination.

There is a difference between ability and skill and how a psychic uses their tools.  Someone can be very psychic and be able to read you without any tools. Someone can also use the tools for divination and have little or no psychic ability.

Psychic abilities include “knowing” things and “seeing” things.  Some psychics have the ability to view things remotely.   Being a medium, seeing and communicating with the dead, is also a psychic ability.

Divination tools is something that can be used to obtain information from the psychic energy that surrounds us.  These tools can help look into the depths of the person getting the reading.  Tools can be cards, runes, tea leaves or even ribbons. These tools require intuition and the ability to interpret the information.   Some who are gifted at readings would not at all consider themselves psychic.

Many advisors use their psychic skills as a way to enhance what they find with their divination tools.   A medium may use Tarot cards before working on the reading.

Some psychics look at the symbolism in the Tarot and consult an astrological chart. This, combined with intuition and psychic ability gives a superior reading.

Since each psychic access information in different ways, the most important thing to look at when you are seeking and advisor is what kind of reading you want.  If you want a card reading, look for one who is experienced in that type of reading. If you feel a connection to Astrology, look for a psychic who is gifted in this area.  Ultimately, pick  an advisor you feel a connection to.  If you do not like your first reading, seek out another psychic before you give up.

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