Ways of Conducting a Psychic Meditation

Almost everybody has come across the word psychic meditation although they might not be aware of what it is and how it’s done. Meditation involves a lot of things rather than just sitting down in a quiet room, closing your eyes and breathing deeply as quite a number of individuals think.

Psychic meditation is one of the most amazing ways individuals can converse with their inner-self and turn-off the world around them. If you want to experience the intuitive benefits of meditation or develop your unique gifts or work as a medium, this article will be of help to you before you begin working.

What therefore is Psychic Meditation?

It is a distinct form of meditation that helps you in gaining access to your natural clairvoyant abilities and intuitive senses. The main objective of this kind of meditation is to either gain access or discover your inner gifts. It empowers you to access a higher state of consciousness through quieting your mind.

Ways of Conducting Psychic Meditation:

  1. Locate a lonely place and time

Before doing anything, locate a quiet place where there are no distractions and have a quiet environment for about 15 minutes. It’s very essential to be in a quiet place for you to be able to access your senses and have a successful clairvoyant experience.  If there are distractions and noises where you are then you’ll be unable to have a successful experience.

Then while mediating make sure you have a notebook and a pen near you so that you can put down your impressions. Turn off all the electronic devices if you want to achieve pure quietness and peace. It’s just 15 minutes, you can survive without touching any electronic device.

You can decide to sit or lay down. Whichever way you feel more comfortable. Nevertheless, for psychic meditation, we recommend you comfortably sit in a chair so that your back is supported. Then, with your palms facing up, place your hands in your lap.

  1. Focus on Breathing

The best way to focus on your breathing is taking deep breaths while your eyes are closed and begin from the depths of your stomach. Put your hand on your belly and feel it expand, and count to three while breathing in through your nose. Hold your breath for three seconds and exhale through the mouth while counting to three. Do this continuously until you feel relaxed.

If you cannot hold your breath for three seconds, then do not. Just do the best you can, make sure you don’t pass out. Continue breathing nice and slow once you feel relaxed, but do not count.

  1. Be Open-Minded

Be open-minded from the beginning of the meditation. You are freeing yourself from all the negative thoughts and embracing positive ones once you’ve relaxed and opened your mind. If you can’t open your mind, in the beginning, do not be stressed, as this takes time and practice.

  1. Be in the Know

Your senses should be in the know. There are many ways that your psychic abilities can occur. You are likely to experience a physical sensation or an emotional twinge at first. Other individuals say words they can hear or see images. You will feel more sensations if you develop more psychic abilities. Don’t be worried if you don’t feel anything at first this is because not everyone gets it on their first try but just enjoy the open-minded feeling and relax.

  1. Be Patient

It’s very essential to be patient and persistent when meditating. You won’t be able to access your psychic abilities if you are impatient. You will gain powers once you’ve gained patience after trying for the first and the second time.

How to End the Meditation Session Properly

It’s now time to close your day and be grounded after following the steps above. This is the most essential part.  Why is this so? You are likely to end up picking energies all day if you don’t learn to take charge of your capabilities. Just imagine an end of a session and start wiggling distinct parts of your body.

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