10 Ways to Prepare for Angelic Communication

Angelic Communication

One of our most trusted spiritual guides are our angels.  However, it can seem some people can more readily communicate with the angelic realm than others.  This is because they either have more innate skills or over time honed their talents through spiritual exercises.  We have listed ten such tips you can begin to practice starting today.

1) Know your goals.  Consider why you are seeking angelic communication, as well as key issues or projects you need additional guidance.  Be comprehensive with your feelings, emotions, thoughts and intentions to strengthen your bond.

2) Gratitude: Working with angels is dialogue.  They want to know you appreciate their hard work and efforts.  Create space to thank them for their presence, and their insights.

3) Allocate sacred space: Angels resonate best in peaceful and harmonious environments.  Create a sanctuary where you play soft music, light pleasing candles or incense and have photos of natural scenes to set an appropriate calming ambiance for angelic connection.

4) Create a shrine:  Set aside space to place treasured angelic items to symbolize and reenforce your connection.  You may select a quartz crystal, a stone angel figurine, some fresh flowers, or pictures of angels or loved ones you wish to connect with such as a beloved grandparent or Gabriel for help in divine communication.

5) Diaphragmic breathing: You don’t have to be a skilled meditator, you simply need to breathe deeply and mindfully, soon you will notice you feel more peaceful, and centered.  Spiritualists note the time and space between the in and out breaths is where the angel connection is formed.

6) Grounding: Envision your body becoming heavy, yet relaxed.  Picture roots emerging from your feet and diving deep into the Earth.  Focus your energy just below your naval, an area called the hara to create more peace within yourself.

7) Pray: Selecting on your favorite inspirational phrase or prayer helps you maintain optimal vibrations and connection with your angels.  Angels embody aspects of the Divine and resonate on the highest spiritual vibrations of love.

8) Practice spiritual protection: Picture pure white light entering your physical body via your crown chakra.  Let it pour into you cleansing every cell of your body, purifying any negativity that might be residing inside.

9) Request a relationship with your angels:  Angels only enter your life when you allow them in.  You can signal them to be present with you in a way that is unique and special by selecting a particular physical sensation, sound, sign, image or audible words.

10) Have faith: Fully know angels love and support you, regardless of if or how you can sense them.  By regularly practicing spiritual exercises you will be able to communicate with them as often as you require.  No matter the time or situation, angels are always walking alongside you.

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