What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say?

Your Zodiac Sign

Every zodiac sign is different and there are times where the signs have different looks and different animals that are associated with the sign.

The appearance of a person has to do with their parents and sometimes the natal charts are looked at for astrologers to figure out why they look or act a certain way.


The ascendant is a sign that has to do with the eastern horizon. There are twelve different houses, and these are part of the horoscope. These have to do with different people. The house is called the ascendant or the Lagna.

The first house is how a person will look such as their skin color, how tall or short they are and the frame of their life. It also has to do with their health and their outlook on life.

The houses are based on choices in their life and how much they know and what their strengths and weaknesses are. This can also be based on their likes and attitudes.

Zodiac Signs

There are different characteristics with each sign.


This is a sign that has fair skin and will have big eyebrows. They often have small eyes and little hair. They have a regular bone structure and are average in height.

This sign is known to be very introverted and energetic and they are often selfish or jealous.


This is a sign that is pretty and can be a man or a woman. They are referenced as the bull and they have a strong body and are often athletic. They are known to be stubborn and have strong calf muscles.


People that are Gemini’s feel that they are not going to be able to have new friends and they enjoy being sociable.

They are artistic and they have average height and fair skin.


The Cancer is considered the crab and they have strong humor, and they have facial features that are very small and beautiful.

They are known to have high cheek bones and they are best when they are close to the water.


This is the sign of the Lion and they like to show people affection and love. They are ones that have cat like features, and they have light colored eyes and strong stands in their movement.


This is a smart group, and they have a good humor. They are often businesspeople and they are very concerned about their diet.

They are known to have faces that are oval shaped, and they have brown eyes.


The Libra sign is considered intelligent and they are very nice to look at. They are often tall and skinny and are usually in good shape.

This is a sign that can give them balance and they want to know that someone is loyal, and they want to know that there is fairness in their world.


The Scorpio is one that is focused on their goals and they are often known to be manipulative. They are charming and attract a lot of people.

This is a person that is normally medium in height and they are very strong and seem to get things done.

They are seen to be protective and smart and sensual.


The Sagittarius is a sign that is tall, and they are genuine in what they do. They have brown hair, and they work hard to not hide things.

This is a sign that works to reach their goals.


The Capricorn is one that is nice to look at and they often have a poker face. They sometimes look older than they are because of their facial features.

They have a large jawbone and a long nose and deep-set eyes. They hardly ever smile but they are family-oriented people.


The Aquarius is a person that has attractive facial features, and they are tall and thinner. They are considered to be introverts and they love to have strong relationships.


The Pisces are people that are spiritual, and they are very emotional. They are often short and sometimes they are tall but not normally. They usually have fair colored skin and larger ears.

They have healthy hair, and some have dimples.

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