Cleansing Your Home of Negativity

Cleansing Your Home of Negativity

Negativity is one thing that you don’t want to have to deal with at anytime but mostly you don’t want to have to deal with this in your home. You can use different things to make this kind of negative energy go away and fill your home with light and love and ask your angels to take care of your area. This can help you to be in a safe place that helps you to reach your highest spiritual self.

This can help you to be able to be in a place that helps you to grow. The greatest thing about this is that you don’t even need tools to do this kind of cleansing. But you could use different herbs such as:

  • White Sage.
  • Palo Santo.

Other things that you could use to cleanse your area is sound healing and incense. These can help to raise the vibrations in your area. When you want to cleanse your area without any tools, some people believe that you can say certain words to call on your guides and angels and make the negativity go away.

Cleansing Words

You can start with meditation and keep your eyes closed and your breathing strong. Then you can say things like:

  • Can my guides and angels come to me and help me reach my higher self. Come into the place that is negative and fill it with light and love.
  • Archangel Michael, please release any fear or negativity out of my life. Get rid of attachments and raise my vibrations. Make my home a place of love and peace.
  • Angels come and let this building be full of joy, peace and light.
  • Surround the home with an orb of light. Anything that is negative needs to leave and be released.
  • Love, peace, and harmony can live in this place.
  • Thank you, angels and guides, for coming into the home and bringing light. Let light go into every corner, under everything sitting, in the walls, on the floor and even around the house.
  • Let my house be filled with light and all the negative energies be cleansed, raising the vibrations.
  • Thank you for the support and love that you have given.

Talking to Your Angels

You can ask your angels to come into your place and to bring light and love. This can raise your vibrations and allow you to change your home from something negative to something positive.

When you ask your angels to help you, they will come to you and support you and love you. They will guide you and lead you like you want them to.

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