When Your Guy Stops Talking to You

Guy Stops Talking to You

You might be talking to someone and then in the middle of nowhere he stops talking to you. This can be hurtful and can cause you to lose any trust that you have built in the relationship. Sometimes this happens and it can leave you confused and frustrated.

Doing Other Things

Sometimes a guy will stop communicating because he gets busy with things in his life. This can be work or personal things going on. They will put their priorities in order and sometimes you aren’t on the top of the list. You have to understand that everyone has their own things going on and if he is being responsible to you then he will make sure to tell you this.

If you feel that he isn’t giving you the attention that you deserve though, you need to tell him this. He will either understand how you feel, or he will feel that you are too clingy and will want to move on.

Commitment Fear

There are some guys that are afraid of committing to a woman. They become afraid and so they stop talking. They do this so that they don’t have to have a conversation about what you or they want. They will avoid having these conversations and they will instead ghost you.

This can be upsetting, especially if you are committed to the relationship and you think that they are too. If you feel that the guy is avoiding you because he doesn’t want to commit, talk about it. Try to get him to open up to you so that you can make a decision on the relationship.

No Longer Liking You

Some guys will decide that they aren’t interested in being with you anymore. This normally happens early in the relationship, and it can be a time where they no longer feel attracted or connected to you. They decide this and then they no longer put in effort to talk to you.

This can leave you feeling hurt and confused but when this happens, you need to move on and let him go. Find someone that cares about you as much as you care about them.

Problems Inside

When problems arise, a man might get distracted with this. It can be a family problem or a situation in their work. They don’t always have the best way to communicate what they are going through and if you feel that he isn’t telling you what is going on, try to give him space.

You can always ask and let your partner know that you are there for them if they need you. Doing this will make them not feel smothered and will help them to open up sometimes.

Game Players

Guys can be great, but some can also be game players. A guy that leaves a woman confused and hurt is one that likes to play games. He will never meet your needs and he will not communicate with you about what is going on.

If you feel that he is playing games with you then you need to set boundaries and you need to show him that you aren’t going to put up with this.  Chances are that he might just be looking for good sex and not a relationship.

What If He Stops Talking/

If a guy stops talking to you out of nowhere then here are some things that you can do:

  • Give him space.
  • Tell him that you have needs and expectations and then let him respond.
  • Don’t jump to conclusions but like him communicate with you.
  • Look at your relationship and see if you are getting your needs met.
  • Find out if you feel that this is worth continuing.

If you feel that your guy is not able to communicate with you then this can be a red flag. Figure out what kind of expectations that you have and find a communication style that works best for both of you. If you aren’t getting what you need, stop holding on to the relationship and move forward with someone else that gives you what you want.

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