Start the Day Mindful

Start the Day Mindful

Being mindful means that you are aware of what is going on around you and you are present. You aren’t distracted or overwhelmed by things around you. As you learn to be mindful, you will see that you can experience your life fully. You can understand your senses, your thoughts and you can change your brain to be more mindful.

Mindfulness means that you are able to wake up your inner being and embrace your physical, emotional, and mental processes.


Meditation is one of the best ways that you can clear your thoughts and be undistracted. This is a time where you can spend your life in the moment and you can listen to your breathing and let your mind rest. Your emotions can calm down and your thoughts can be released.

Using mindful meditation allows you to understand your mind and to be kind and loving to yourself.

Doing Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation is a time where you put everything around you away and you relax and stay calm.  You don’t let your thoughts be in control of you and you let the world around you continue to be busy while you stay in a calm state. This means letting the phone keep ringing or letting the dishes sit for a while.

Mindfulness is being aware and being purposeful about what is on your mind without judging yourself or others.

How to Practice Mindfulness

Here are some of the best ways that you can practice mindfulness and get stronger and peaceful in your life:

  • Take time to meditate. You don’t have to have anything special; you just have to find a quiet place where you can relax.
  • Look at what is going on now. Stop looking at your past or your future but look at what is going on in front of you.
  • Don’t judge yourself for taking time for you.
  • Observe the time that you are in and pay attention to what you are sensing.
  • Be kind to yourself even if you let your mind wander. Just get yourself back on track and try again.

Sometimes doing these things are not easy but you can practice, and you can get better at it.

How to Meditate

Meditation focuses more on your breathing than anything else. There are no special ways that you can meditate and there is no wrong way. Here are some of the best practices to get you started:

  • Find a comfortable place to sit.
  • Pay attention to what your body is feeling and make sure that you are comfortable.
  • Keep your upper body straight and natural.
  • Let your upper arms rest.
  • Drop your chin and let your eyes focus on nothing.
  • Pay attention to the breaths you are taking. Notice how your chest is moving.
  • If your mind starts to have thoughts, go back to thinking about your breathing.
  • Don’t be upset with yourself if you cannot clear your mind. Keep practicing, this comes with time.
  • Once you are finished, open your eyes and pay attention to what you are feeling and what is around you.

Be Mindful Daily

Take time each day to be mindful about what you are doing. Be patient with yourself and allow your life to change for the better. You can try these things to make mindfulness even more fun:

  • Take meditation walks.
  • Be mindful when listening to a friend or family member.
  • Practice being kind to yourself daily.
  • Try to find ways to wind down before going to sleep.

Why Use Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can help you to feel better and help you to be more relaxed. It isn’t a way to get out of reality but it is a way to calm you and to reduce stress.

Other Things Mindfulness Does

Here are some things that being mindful can do for your life:

  • Reduce stress.
  • Allows you to let your body perform better.
  • Boosts creativity.
  • Allows the creative process to flow.
  • Gives you awareness.
  • Flexibility.
  • Strengthens the neural connections.

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