Developing Mediumship and Clairabilities

Developing Mediumship and Clairabilities

Have you ever wondered if you could be a medium?

If so, then you’re not alone. People often wonder if they have the proper abilities to consider training as a professional medium. They may feel spirits around them, but can’t see them. Or, they perceive vivid images of spirits and things that spirits show them, but they don’t hear spirits talking to them like mediums hear on TV shows.

Have you thought like this about your intuitive abilities? Have you wondered if you’ve got what it takes to become a professional medium? If you’re reading this article, then you probably have. So, pause for a moment and think about how you’ve received contact from spirits in the past.

Now, keep reading!

Mediumship abilities stem from our intuitive senses, which are commonly referred to as “clairabilities.” “Clair” is French for “clear,” so the clair arts involve the intuitive, psychic use of a person’s senses. Mediums must learn to focus and pay close attention to a wide variety of feelings and impressions when connecting with spirits. If they’re not sure of what they’re receiving, they often ask spirit guides and angels for clarification. Of course, this all takes patience and work to master.

Spirits utilize many different indicators to let people know that they’re trying to connect with us in the physical realm. These indicators come through mediums’ various clairabilities and allow them to perceive and then describe a spirit’s former physical appearance, their relationship to the client getting the reading or the person receiving the message, how the person died, and other relevant bits of information. This information serves as evidence that the spirit’s actual identity is proven and the information can be believed.

You must understand and accept that it’s natural to communicate with spirits. You must be willing to accommodate spiritual growth and accept life changes. Then simply have the patience, sincerity, and responsibility to learn and know this sacred craft.

Some mediums are specialized and use just one or two of the clairabilities listed below. Others use all of them. Information received through one clair ability can occur simultaneously with information from other clair abilities, or they may receive information through just one at a time.

The Psychic “Clairs”

  • Clairvoyance is the intuitive art of “clear seeing.” It’s seeing with the inner vision of the mind’s eye.

Clairvoyance is just one way that spirits connect with those of us in the physical realm. When clairvoyants set their intention to receive communication from the spiritual realm, they see pictures of people and places in their mind’s eye. Their eyes can be open or closed for this process. When their eyes are open, they still are able to see using their inner vision.

The images clairvoyants see range from clear and vivid to blurry and hazy. They may only see one image at a time, or they may receive many in rapid succession, like a stop-action film or a slide show. These images can depict anything from people’s faces and bodies, homes, and landscapes, to symbolic images that intend to provide more information about the spirit connecting with them.

  • Clairsentience is the intuitive art of “clear feeling.” It’s perceiving sensations apart from physical senses.

When spirits enter the energy fields of clairsentients, they notice physical sensations in and around their bodies.

Clairsentients often experience things like fleeting pains, light-headedness, tickling sensations somewhere on their bodies, or the hairs on the backs of their neck may stand on end. Some feel a fluttering or pressure in their guts or a heaviness in their chest or some other part of their body. They may even feel inexplicable breezes, drafts, warmth, or coldness.

  • Clairempathy is the intuitive art of clear feeling other people’s emotions or emotional states.

Clairempaths receive different levels of information. For example, a clairempath may feel a general sense that a spirit had an optimistic disposition in life and was a happy, sunny person, or that the person was angry or had a difficult time in life, or felt extremely unhappy at the time of their death. Such feelings may wash over clairempaths like waves of emotions.

Or, more specifically, a tight feeling in their chest area may indicate that the spirit is showing that they died of a heart attack, a respiratory illness, or an accident in which their chest was crushed. They may even feel the’ can’t breathe, or experience shortness of breath.

  • Claircognizance is the art of “clear sure knowing,” as mediums receive and share wisdom from the spiritual realm.

Claircognizants receive information about people or events that there’s normally no other way of knowing. Claircognizant “hits” can deliver specific bits of information without the medium thinking about how they know them. They’re free to confidently relay the information to their clients because they’ve learned to trust their intuitive ability to know.

  • Clairaudience is the intuitive art of “clear hearing” with the mind’s ears.

Clairaudients can often hear spirits whisper speak to them. They also get messages that register in their mind’s inner hearing as music or other sounds.

  • Clairalience (also known as clairscentency) is the intuitive art of “clear smelling,” or noticing scents with no apparent physical source.

Examples of these scents include flowers, cologne or perfume, smoke or burning odors, or food and cooking smells.

Should Weak Clairs Be a Concern?

The short answer is, “no.”

The way you receive contact from the spiritual realm is unique to you. Self-knowledge about intuitive and mediumship abilities doesn’t immediately happen effortlessly at the beginning of mediumship training. Early on, there will some trial and error as you learn to fully trust the information you’re receiving.

It’s important to accept how you naturally receive spirit contact. This may be exactly opposite to the way someone else does. The key to developing your mediumship ability lies in knowing which abilities are natural strengths and weaknesses and accepting this. Be content with your unique abilities. But it’s also okay to work on and further open your psychic senses.

This in no way implies that mediums who don’t use all of the clairabilities are less gifted or trained than one who uses them all. It is possible to learn and develop these abilities. There isn’t a “right” or “wrong” way to connect and communicate with spirits.

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