Avoiding Psychic Scams

Avoiding Psychic Scams

When you go to a psychic or a medium, you are hoping to find someone that can help you with a problem or at least guide you the right way.

Here is a list of things that you need to avoid if you are looking to do a reading.  This can help you to find the right reading and not be scammed.


The curse scam is when someone asks you to pay them so that they can remove a curse for you.  This is a scam because if you pay them money, they will want you to keep paying them more.  One trick is that they have a lot of money with them and they will pretend to burn it or tear up the money.


The cursed egg is when they switch the egg and it looks like a magic trick.  Most of the time the egg will look like it has blood inside.  This is to show you that you have a curse.  This is a scam.


Everyone is supposed to have boundaries and no psychic should ask you things without asking you first.  Do not give your personal information to them.


If a psychic tries to sell you something like crystals or candles then this means you need to walk away because it is a scam.  This will not protect you from evil spirits.


You do not need a psychic to protect you.  If they want you to pay them to keep you safe, know it is a scam.


A psychic that is real should only ask you a few questions.  They should ask you specific questions and not a bunch of test like questions.

The Best

One of the biggest scams is when someone says that they are the greatest psychic in the world.  This is bragging and you should never have to be convinced that you are with someone that is a good reader.

Unknown Prices

A real psychic will tell you the fees right away.  If someone is not telling you or giving you a round about price, do not stay.  They will ask you for a lot of money.

Psychic Phone Line

When you call a hotline, you need to know this is probably a scam.  Do not send them money


A psychic that is dishonest will tell you that you will win the lottery and give you winning lottery numbers.  This is not true because a real reader does not know these things.


One of the worse things that can happen is if you get a reading that does not happen when they say.  A real psychic will not give you an exact timeline because things can always change.  If someone gives you a prediction, ask for more information.


Make sure you trust your own gut when you are getting a reading.  You have this for a reason, believe in yourself and you will not fall into a scam.

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