Finding Love

Finding Love

Everyone deserves to find love and to find someone special in their life.  We need to find someone that loves us and that can share our lives with us.  For some people, this is easy and finding love seems to come natural for them.  Others have a hard time finding a soul mate.  It seems like this can be stressful.

Body Language

Make sure that you use your body language to reflect what is going on outside and not inside.  We need to have external mannerisms that can show happiness.  Slouching and leaning are indicators of negative energy and they show that you are not interested.  Work on these external habits and this can help you to connect with others better.

Trust the Universe

Don’t worry about finding love.  Our anxieties will mark out our positive energy and make us disconnect.  We need to not stress and let love come.  We need to look at our spiritual energies and be positive with others.  We don’t want to be desperate.

Negative Energy

If you have a painful past, you will have negativity, and this will interfere with the energies that you have.  If you have been hurt, you have to find a way to heal.  Your spiritual energies are affected by your energies.  People that are positive will naturally be put off if you are negative or upset.  You need to let go of your past and move on so you can benefit and find someone to spend your life with happily.

Open Up

You should find a way to get rid of your negative energy by moving forward.  The world is full of positive things and you need to push out of your comfort zone into a place that is fun and happy.  Say yes more and go to more functions that you are invited to.  Go out with friends and let the universe work its magic.

Consult the Stars

Astrology can be a tool to help you find love.  Use the zodiac signs to indicate your personality and others.  All the signs have some compatibility, but certain signs are drawn to each other.  Learn who you are least favorable with and most fitting with.  Find the sign that fits you the most.

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