Attracting Positive Energies

Attracting Positive Energies

The thing about the Law of Attraction is that it takes what you feel and think and it puts it into the universe. The universe will then bring you these things back at some point or another.

The idea behind the Law of Attraction is that you are in control of what you manifest in your life. If you send out positive things in your life then that is what you will attract. This can make you feel powerful or it can make you think that you have to be happy all the time.

You might wonder if the Law of Attraction really works, here are some thoughts behind that!

Science and Law of Attraction

Science says that there is no real evidence that the Law of Attraction works. The biggest defense is that this is a quantum physics law which means that it has to work on the vibrational ideas.

The idea that the universe gives back whatever you send into the universe means that things have to work on the vibrations that that you send into the universe. When you think that you have already gotten the desires that you have by sending them into the universe, you are believing on something not proven.

But, research does say that you can think positively and visualize good things in your life and then you will be more successful.

Why Is the Law of Attraction Not Perfect?

When you want to manifest things into your life, you can send out positive things. There are some downfalls to this though.

Some people send out positivity that isn’t real. They send out positivity by having a good mindset but the situations that they are doing this for don’t always equal good things.

It can be dangerous to always stay happy and not to express your emotions. This can cause people to have an emotional state that doesn’t get acknowledged. Then there is no way of bringing healing to these problems.

Pushing away your emotions can lead to a mental health issue as time goes on. There has to be growth and change in order to change negative thinking and emotions.

Shadow Self

The Law of Attraction can take negative things and feelings and say that you need to not send them out. Denying your real feelings can leave you feeling stuck and make you not have a voice in what you are feeling.

You have to create a place where you can feel heard and that your feelings are valuable. This will allow you to be able to work through negative feelings and emotions. When you are positive all the time it can be called toxic positivity which means that you are never learning to cope with things that are wrong.

People are normally thankful for things because of the emotions behind it and this is part of being human. Your feelings affect your vibrations and this happens rather you admit what you are feeling or you suppress it.

Having a false mindset means that you are trying to send positivity into the universe but that you are not changing your vibrations.

Keeping Your Emotions and Using the Law of Attraction

There are ways that you can acknowledge your emotions and use the Law of Attraction such as:

  • Feeling the feelings that you have.
  • Being thankful.
  • Being compassionate.
  • Changing your energies.
  • Doing shadow work.

Feeling the Feelings That You Have

You need to process your feelings and learn to say what you need to say. This can help you to heal and help your mental health.

When you acknowledge the situation that you are dealing with then you can go forward on your journey and you will see that your emotions won’t overwhelm you.

Look at what you are feeling and ask yourself why you are feeling that. Then you can understand the emotions and work through them.

Being Thankful

Being thankful is one of the best ways that you can have peace and love. This is a thing that changes your mood. When you are feeling upset, make sure that you say things that you feel thankful for.

When things are hard, being thankful can help you to feel better. Do this regularly.

Being Compassionate

It doesn’t help when you are hard on yourself for having a bad day. Be compassionate with others but also be compassionate with yourself. Love yourself and embrace your feelings. Don’t be upset with yourself when you have negative feelings.

Changing Your Energies

After you embrace your emotions, you need to shift your energy. Do this by putting your feelings where they are and then changing your mood. Know what you are feeling and why and then shift your thoughts to something good. This will help you to change your mood.

Doing Shadow Work

Some people can be positive all that they want but they need to have deep reflection. This will help them to be able to know what they need in themselves. Shadow work can help you to:

  • Limit the beliefs that you have.
  • Get rid of emotional problems.
  • Have more self-respect.
  • Deal with intergenerational trauma.

If you are hiding or repressing your emotions, you need to try the Law of Attraction and shadow work to change this. This will help you to embrace your negativity and to condition what you believe.

Reflect on things in your life that have changed your emotions. This can help you to heal your inner parts that have caused you to feel upset or negative. By doing this, you can get rid of blocks that make you feel negative.

Manifesting When Feeling Down

You can manifest things even when you feel negative. Instead of faking being positive, you can embrace what you are feeling and have peace in your life. You can manifest your desires while your mood is negative because everyone has the same feelings here and there.

Find a way to have a peaceful mind and to change your thoughts. You can be positive when you are feeling bad by being more thankful and by embracing your feelings. This can lead to peace and happiness.

Final Thoughts

The Law of Attraction can make you feel like you need to always be positive. This isn’t true. No one is always going to be positive and happy and by trying to be you will hurt your emotional health.

When you want to use the Law of Attraction, you will still have to understand your emotions. The best thing to do is to be compassionate and to validate what you are feeling. As you do that, you will see that you can have your desires met without hurting yourself along the way.

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