Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires

An energy vampire is someone that comes along in your life and drains you from your energies.  When you feed them, you will find that you are exhausted and that you are overwhelmed in life.

Energy vampires are everywhere, and they can even be people in your life that you love such as your family or your friend.  They can be in your neighborhood, schools or workplace.

When you meet an energy vampire, you have to learn to protect yourself so that you do not become stressed and frustrated with life.


People that are energy vampires are often times strong and have charm.  They will trick you to be close to them and use you in almost all situations.

An energy vampire will never accept that they are wrong and will sometimes leave you guilty when they disagree with you.


Energy vampires are full of drama and always find themselves in the middle of something going wrong.  They will have strong emotions and behaviors.

When they come into your life, they want you to become part of their drama so they can drag you with them.

Ahead of You

An energy vampire never wants you to get ahead of you.  They have narcissistic qualities and will struggle to find real happiness.  They would rather be down so they can pull you with them.

Put Themselves Above You

An energy vampire will never care about how you feel.  They will take their emotions as important, but they will not allow you to have attention or to feel better.

Victim and Martyr

An energy vampire will either play the role of a victim or a martyr.  When they help you with something, they will feel that they saved you and took your problems on themselves.

They will want to boost their self-esteem by taking on your problems.


When you are good to an energy vampire, they will use it against you.  They will take your compassion and use it as a way to drain you of your energy.


If you feel guilty around someone that you love and care about, chances are they are energy vampires.

They will capture your attention and get you to do things you don’t want to do.

Always Depending on You

An energy vampire will depend on you and will take all actions to make themselves a part of everything about you.  They will need you but will not recognize it.

Most of the time, you will have drama and emotional problems with this person.


Energy vampires will put you down or bully you.  They will use their insecurities to make you feel bad about yourself.  They will attack you for no reason and make you feel bad.


When you are around an energy vampire, you can expect to be intimidated by who they are.  They will stir up your emotions so that they can cause you to be fearful or upset.  This boosts their ego and makes them stronger.

What Should You Do?

Energy vampires will use up all of their energy and then take yours.  They will drain you and make you feel depressed or anxious.  This can cause you to have physical illness.

You must put up walls to protect yourself and your energy.


Everyone needs boundaries and especially when you are dealing with an energy vampire.

If you don’t want to go with them somewhere, don’t let them guilt you into going.  Avoid spending long periods of time with them and going places that they will be.

When you are at work with them, limit the time you spend talking to them and concentrate on yourself.


You cannot make an energy vampire change, but you can change how you feel about them.  Do not give them so much room to hurt you and do not offer advice to them.

Don’t use them to tell your emotions to or they will want the same in return.

Don’t Give In

If an energy vampire comes to you and wants to talk to you, tell them you are tired or busy.  Do not talk to them and let them take your energy.

Guard Your Heart

Make sure that you guard your heart around an energy vampire.  Pay attention to your non-verbal cues and your body language.  Don’t invest your time into them or act like you are interested in being a part of their drama.

Cut Them Off

You have to cut them off if it gets to be too much.  This will only help you to protect yourself.


When you are around an energy vampire, you must learn to be able to protect yourself so that you do not get sick or depressed.

No one should have to be mistreated or used and if this happens to you, it is not your fault.  Some people cannot accept responsibility for themselves, and an energy vampire has a difficult time doing just that.

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