3 Ways to Revitalize Love with Your Twin Flame

3 Ways to Revitalize Love with Your Twin Flame

If you feel frustrated with your love life take a deep cleansing breath.  Understand that life is unpredictable and often things feel darkest before the dawn.  Just because you are lacking in love today, doesn’t mean that you won’t be reaping a bountiful harvest next week.  Things can and will change!  Focus on cultivating Divine Love within yourself and notice how blockages seem to evaporate on their own.

Here are three ways you can rediscover your love with your twin flame:

  1. Find Peace with Being Single

You don’t need anyone to complete you.  When you twin flame finds you, they will want you to feel whole and empowered already.  If you can’t be happy with yourself, how can you ever expect someone to be happy sharing life with you?  Cultivate the joy within you and you will soon notice how people become gravitated by your magnetic presence.

AVOID the cycle where you promote your feelings of loneliness to your entire network.  Showing people signs of depression, gloom and doom will only lead to people viewing you as a rescue project.  Worse yet, potential dates can smell your desperation and find ways of taking advantage of you.  You always attract the reflection of what you send out to the Universe.  Be careful of what you are advertising!

TRY finding things that can energize and excite you.  Limit the amount of time you stay home feeling sorry about your situation.  Take decisive actions towards understanding what hinders you from love and take decisive steps to fix the problems.  Make a commitment to staying as positive and hopeful as possible.  Create time to attend to your physical, mental and spiritual well being.  To attract your twin flame focus on celebrating life.  This will show your mate your ability to love and promote community betterment.

  1. Consolidate Your Past

Make peace with your past or risk being stuck there, forever.  Find time to be alone and take inventory of what happened and why.  Be willing to release the limiting beliefs. Emotions and actions.  When you cling too tightly to the past, you prevent your twin flame from finding you.  The only part of your life you can control is the present moment.  Focus on what you can do now to improve your quality of life and love.

Choose to declutter the lingering memories or hurts that might be physically manifesting in your life.  Delete old photos.  Donor any old items that either belonged to or overly remind you of your ex.  If you are divorced, consider reverting back to your maiden name!  All these physical ties can block you from being receptive to the energy from your twin flame and impede your reunion.

  1. Radically Accept Yourself!

Know that you are perfect just the way you are!  If you fly solo the rest of your life, it’s their lost – not yours!  By keeping true to yourself and showing the world your unique talents, you signal to your twin flame that are a whole being.  By owning your quirks, you can encourage them to celebrate theirs as well, which will lead to a happier life for you both as individuals and as a couple.  When you can celebrate not just the good times, but the trying ones as well you can ensure your life with your twin flame will be a fun and fulfilling adventure together.

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