Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

If you have a hard time understanding your spirit guides because you are new to it or because you had a hard time connecting in the past, then this guide will help you to know how to connect with your spirit guides.


When you need to understand what you are dealing with, know that there are different guides and some of them come from the ancient Egyptian times and others come from different cultures or places.  In the western world, there are spirit guides and angels that guide you.


Connecting with your spirit guides is so important because they are there to help you to make it along with your life.  They are there to help you to go down the right path and to help you to make good decisions.

You should depend strongly on your guides because they are a very important part of your journey.

You have a disadvantage when you are not learning how to communicate with your spirit guides.  You have to ask if you are doing the right thing and how to connect and they can give you whatever you need.  When you want to focus on your journey, you have to learn to depend on someone else.

Meeting Your Guides

There are different ways that you can connect with your spirit guides and not all ways work for everyone but try the different ways and see which works for you.


It is sometimes hard to make a connection with your spirit guides because they don’t just appear in front of you.  You have to let them know that you are ready and that you need their guidance.  Write down some reasons that you think you need them and let them know.

If you have lost your way along the journey, write that down and tell them what you need help with. Ask yourself to connect with your guides and they will come.


Meditation is a very important way to connect with your spirit guides.  You can meditate at any time to meet them.  Take time to breathe and to think about your spirit guides and focus on them.  Once you are there, tell them why you want to connect with them.

Do not meditate with a certain idea, just meditate and concentrate and let them guide you.


Learning to communicate with your spirit guide does not always go how people expect it.  You will not have a dragon appear that is breathing fire and the experience of meeting your spirit guide might be small and seem very quiet.

It is important for you to know that you cannot fail on this and doing things like meditating will only make you stronger.  This could take a few times for you to get the hang of it and even if it happens on the first time or the 10th time, don’t give up.


Sometimes when you are sleeping you will meet your spirit guides there.  When you are sleeping, your mind is more in tune with the spirit world and this is a chance where you can meet your spirit guides.

You can use deep sleep techniques and hope that your guides come to you or you can meditate before you sleep and try to reach your guides.  If you fall asleep and enter a deep state, chances are you will be directed by your spirit guides where to go to meet them.

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