What Does a Red Aura Mean?

What Does a Red Aura Mean?

The color of someone’s aura will tell a lot about what they are going through in their mind, body, and soul. The color read is a very powerful color and can mean passion, desire, strength and even love. This can also be associated with things such as danger, energy, blood, and fire. Since red is such a strong color, someone that has a red aura can be someone that is strong and fiery.

A red aura can represent the positive and negative things of this color and we will talk more about that later.

What is the Aura

The aura is the energy field that surrounds your body. It goes around you almost like a bubble and there is a layer that is the physical layer that is right next to your body and this is connected to your health and your emotions.

Your aura will have different colors, and this will decide what kind of wellbeing you have such as your mental and physical state as well as your spirituality and your emotions. The colors will change depending on how you are feeling and how much positivity or negativity is inside of you.

If you find that you are happy, you will have a bright aura and strong colors. If you don’t feel well or you are sad or depressed, your aura will be dark or dull.

The colors can decide what kind of personality you have.

Red Aura

One of the colors of an aura can be red. This is associated to what is going on inside of your body or mind. The root chakra is associated with the color red and is connected to your physical and emotional body.

If your aura is full of red color, it means that your root chakra is deeply connected, and you have strong emotions going on.

The red in your aura might be different shades and each of the shades will mean something new. A dark red aura can mean something negative in your mind or emotions or stress and trauma.

The cloudy red can mean you are angry or hurt and you are full of negativity.

A bright red aura can mean possibility and can help you to have a strong personality.

Red is just one of the colors that can be in the aura and there are multiple colors and shades that people have in their aura. You can tell what color your aura is by learning to read your own aura or going to a psychic to get your aura read.

Red Personality

The red aura is a very powerful color and can mean you are very passionate and strong. It can mean you have a strong mental, physical, and emotional state and that you are strong in your beliefs.

This can also mean you are confident and brave and that you face challenges head on. Having a red aura can mean that you like to try new things and you want to live your life the best you can.


The red aura is a passionate color and means that your relationships can be strong. If your aura is red as a lover, it means you like to have sex and you like spending time with your partner so that you can have a strong relationship.

This can also mean you want to have adventure and you want to make things exciting. It can mean you are strong and have a large sex drive.

If you are a friend with a red aura it can mean you have joy by being around other people and you like to have close friends.

Money and Career

A red aura can mean you are successful, and you will do what it takes to succeed. You get things done and you enjoy doing different hobbies and jobs.

In your work, you will excel and can make a powerful boss or supervisor. You can work alone, and you like to compete to be the best. You never like the answer “no” or “can’t” and you believe all things can be done.

If you are in sports or politics, you are probably great at what you do. This can also mean you are a materialistic person which can be negative but because you like to have things, you will work harder to get money and to get what you want.

Things to Pay Attention To

Someone that has a red aura can have challenges as well. They are sometimes intimidating and can be aggressive int their behavior.

This can also mean you make impulsive decisions and you don’t think things through or that you are unforgiving to yourself and to those that hurt you. This can make it hard for you to be close to other people.

Since you will be passionate and sensitive, chances are you are jealous a lot. You are very honest, but you can get mad easily and bored fast.

Knowing a Red Aura

If you can see someone’s aura you can tell that they have a red aura but if you cannot see it, you can practice. Begin by finding your own aura. You can do this by standing in front of a mirror and looking behind you with your eyes relaxed.

You will begin to see a small light and start focusing there. You can do this and see other people’s auras as well.

Once you see your own aura, reading auras will become second nature to you and you will be able to see their aura colors. This will help you to see if you and others have a strong and healthy aura or if something needs worked on.

An aura reading by a psychic can let you know if you have a red aura and can help you to see the colors that surround you.

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